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Our posters around the school.

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Eco Code

As an Eco School we:

  • Turn off lights, sockets and electrics when not in use
  • Put all our rubbish in the bin and follow a class litter rota to ensure we all play our part in keeping our school litter free
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle our waste in our classrooms and lunch hall
  • Try hard to eat all our food to reduce our food waste
  • Reduce water usage by turning off taps
  • Are conscious of paper use and use both sides of the paper
  • Make use of scrap paper and recycle all our scraps via recycling bins
  • Care about improving our playground and making it safe, clean and pleasant on the eye
  • Learn about how our actions can impact the environment through our school work
  • Consider sustainability in all we do

Community Teams and ECO Warriors

We work together to meet the steps identified in our Action Plan.

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Bruntsfield Primary School’s whole school approach to learning, through the Eco-schools programme, Sustainable Development and Citizenship Education

Overall aim: Green flag status (Achieved in October 2015)

The PowerPoint below is an overview of our Green Flag Journey.

Bruntsfield Primary Green Flag Journey 2013-15

Learning through Community Teams:

  • Enhances all pupils’ knowledge and understanding of key local and global contexts relating to the environment, sustainability and citizenship
  • Provides a platform for all pupils to contribute positively to the school, local community and wider world

Enables pupils to work positively and co-cooperatively with their peers across the school to develop their skills in being a successful learner, confident individual, effective contributor and responsible citizen

Litter Policy

We think it is everyone’s responsibility to help keep the environment and our school litter free. Looking after our environment protects wildlife and keeps our community clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.


  • Put all rubbish in a bin
  • Ask people to put litter in a bin if we see them drop it
  • Recycle our rubbish or waste where possible
  • Don’t waste things or take too much
  • Take responsibility for our own litter
  • Tell an adult if we see littering happen
  • Take pride in our playground looking clean, tidy and litter free

Here are some of our posters.

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