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Equality and Diversity – P3A Culture Bags

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P4-P7 Pupil Equality Group

The Pupil Equality Group have made posters about Equality and Diversity


We will be posting what classes across the school have been working on this Black History month.


Revolution. The patterns represent the influence of India on Britain in the 19th century and reflected a positive aspect of trade in the British Empire. (originally shawls with this pattern were made in India and imported but as the number of mills increased the were then replicated and woven in Paisley and sold across Britain)

P7C BHM continued

  1. Bristol Bus Boycott Exploration: Discursive Writing on the events of the ‘Bristol Bus Boycott’ and discussion on the resulting impact on equality for black communities in Britain.
  2. Mini-book fact-files on influential Black figures from the past: Pupils were assigned a range of e-books to read via ‘Epic’ and selected one person of interest to research. They created fact-files including key facts, illustrations, front cover, blurb, contents and index.
  3. Black History Timelines: We revised influential moments in Black History and discussed how those events have shaped the equalities landscape today. The children then condensed the information into what they felt were the most significant factors and created their own timelines displaying their chosen events in chronological order. We spent some time sharing and justifying our selections.

P4B have been busy

Look what P7C have been doing!

  1. We learned about the story of Rosa Parks and the far-reaching impact it had on black communities all over the world. We updated the story to modern times by creating news reports on iMovie, using transitions and text to enhance the production quality. Pupils learned how to create a script and use ‘journalistic language’ throughout to ensure the reporting was realistic.
  2. We learned about different styles of music which were introduced through black communities such as blues, jazz and reggae. We discussed the influence of these styles on music today and then listened to music from a variety of influential black music artists from the past. The pupils used iPads to scan QR codes and access each piece of music before using data handling skills to record information about each track in an organised table. We chatted about music appreciation and discussed how the mood of songs can appeal to our personal tastes.

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P1 are learning about Alma Thomas. They have been inspired by her artistic techniques to create their very own masterpieces. Did you know Obama had her art work displayed in the Whitehouse?


P3 have been reading Bold Women in Black History and learning all about inspiring politicians, artists, mathematicians, singers and strong ladies who made their mark on the world! We look forward to dipping into their interesting lives throughout the year in connection to topics and other areas of the curriculum. 

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Have a look at what P3C have been up to –

P3C are enjoying Benjamin Zephaniah poems this month from his book ‘Talking Turkeys’. We analysed the poem ‘Friends’ and created our own animal friendship group. Which animals would you have round for a play date? 

We will be exploring black history, heritage, culture and achievements with our classes at Bruntsfield Primary School this October. Info for parents below.




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