Pupil Committees

Pupil Leadership Roles

Our Pupils

All pupils are encouraged to take on leadership roles within the school. Some of the leadership roles for older pupils are:

  • PALs (Playground Activity Leaders)
  • Peer Mediators
  • Junior Road Safety Officers
  • Buddies

Peer Mediators are responsible pupils who help resolve disputes and problems in the playground. Playground Activity Leaders organise games and activities.

At Bruntsfield, our pupils’ voice is important to us. Each year committees are elected by the children to be resprentatives for the:

  • Pupil Council
  • Health and Wellbeing Council (including Eco work)
  • House Captains


Who are the Pupil Council?

The Pupil Council Committee consists of one representative from each P3-P7 class.

What is the Pupil Council?

The role of the Pupil Council is to communicate to the Depute Head Teacher any issues of pupil concern, to make suggestions of how to improve the school and have a voice in improving opportunities for learning and teaching.

Aims of the Pupil Council

  • to help establish a vision for the school
  • to give pupils a voice in the school
  • to make the school a better place for the pupils
  • set up a display board to help keep pupils informed of the work of the Council
  • to communicate ideas, decisions and news to the everyone through gatherings, minutes of meetings and newsletters
  • to help in supporting pupils in becoming responsible citizens

On the display board you will find our present campaigns and information about all our members. We will also post minutes of our meetings. If there is anything that you think should go on the website or the pupil council should focus on please let one of the members know.

Please note: P1 and P2 Buddies will join the Pupil Council at meetings.



Pupil Council Representatives 2017-2018

Chair    Mrs Borrowman Depute Head Teacher

Class Pupil Council Reps Deputes
P3A Edgar
P3B Alec
P3C Alex Depute: Mark
P4A Lilyah Depute: Roxana
P4B Ishbel
P4C Skye Depute: Eleanor
P5A Anahita Depute: Gregory
P5B Curtis Depute: Rosa
P5C Rebecca
P6A Tiago Depute: Eilidh
P6B Ellie Kerr
P6C Ruby Depute: Marta
P7A Noor
P7B Hugh
P7C Amie Depute: Jemma
Meeting Dates    Session 2017-2018
Tuesdays 2.30pm – 3.05pm: Meeting Room
·      Tuesday 26 September 2017

·      Tuesday 24 October 2017

·      Tuesday 21 November 2017

·      Tuesday 19 December 2017

·      Tuesday 23 January 2018

·      Tuesday 23 February 2018

·      Tuesday 20 March 2018

·      Tuesday 24 April 2018

·      Tuesday 22 May 2018

·      Tuesday 5June 2018

Please note: there may be occasions when we may need to set additional dates or change the dates.