Please notify the school if your child is going to be absent or late by calling our School Office on 0131 229 1821. We request that parents inform the School Office as well as the class teacher regarding absence.

When a child returns from school after an absence, a short note from a parent should be sent to the class teacher explaining the reason for the absence and any special instructions, eg if the child is to be kept indoors during break or is not able to participate in PE.

It is particularly important that the school is informed if a child is not going to return to school after lunch. If a child has an appointment, then a note with the time and date of the appointment should be given to his-her teacher. Parents must collect pupils from school for such appointments; pupils are not allowed to leave on their own.

The school cannot give permission for parents to remove their children for holidays during term times. Parents should avoid doing this, as it disrupts their childrens education. However, parents who feel they must remove their children from school must inform the school of their intentions. If a child will be absent for more than two weeks, parents should seek permission from the Children and Families Department by writing to:

Late Arrival

The City of Edinburgh Council, Children and Families Department now requires that parents/carers are informed of possible absence from school. A text message or phone call will be made to the main contact of pupils who fail to turn up at school, so the daily register can be marked appropriately. Teachers will send a list of any absent children to the office before 9.30am. At that point contact will be made.

Parents/carers who turn up late with a child must let the office know in the same way and from that point on the same procedure applies. All latecomers are marked present (with an “L” for late) in their class register. All registers are returned to the office on Friday so that the office staff can check and update records.