Junior Duke Award 2021

I have now redone the Teams Junior Duke and all those that have signed up for the booklets should be able to access the Team. If not please get in touch and I will make sure you get on it. The Team can be used to upload presentations with powerpoints etc. so it will be easier than trying to send something like this through email. It has also been set up incase we go back into lock down. You can then upload photos and pics of the booklet as your child finishes a challenge. Good Luck to everyone who is participating.

Mrs Ramsay

Some of the work the children have done for their Junior Duke Awards.

and some of the work that Bruntsfield children have done for their Junior Duke Awards 20/21

Castles by L.Rowley – Powerpoint Presentation


Marshmallows and Fire
E.card made by Alex Christev
Sewin on a button
Making Toast