Primary 6

P6 Term 2-3 Overview 2018.19

P6B have used different media to create these sculptures of Edinburgh icons. We used our research skills to work together to find out about our famous Edinburgh icon, and then used collaborative artistic skills to create these. Then, in our groups we shared our learning with the class, telling others about the life and times of our icons, as well as the trials and tribulations of creating the sculpture!


P6A have been developing their drawing skills, observing real objects and using a variety of materials and techniques.

Rocking some Outdoor Learning!

P6 enjoyed an outdoor learning trip to Holyrood Park learning about the geology of Edinburgh’s volcanic past. We spotted clues in the landscape to discover our city’s origins playing games and discovering the mysterious ‘ripple rock’ which shows that Holyrood was once a beach?! P6A and B certainly had more sunny conditions whereas 6C had a marvellously muddy time! A big thank you to our parent volunteers who came along on all the different trips.



High Voltage Ideas!

 P6 have been lucky to work in collaboration with university graphic design students who have guided us through a creative process. We have researched a brief, worked in teams, planned and created final prototypes to store electricity. There was a ‘buzz’ in the classroom today as initial ideas were transformed into real model prototypes. We have all extended and enhanced our design skills to solve problems and the result is a collection of some unique and clever models. We presented these to the class and received feedback.



Ye Jacobites by Name…

P6 have started their Jacobites topic by getting outside and exploring some historical objects. We worked in cooperative groups to create our own clan name and went on an archaeological adventure! We have lots of thinking skills questions to research and guide our learning through this interesting historical period.



P6 Georgian House Trip

 P6 enjoyed playing historical detectives in Edinburgh’s Georgian House this week. This was linked to our Edinburgh Old and New topic work. Luckily the snow thawed out and we managed to get into town… and into character! We were dressed in very fetching 18th century costumes and received a detailed guided tour of what life would have been like to live there at the time of original . We compared the life of the residents with life of those who worked for them and asked lots of different questions. It was amazing to see the genius Georgians’  inventions in situ and get to handle replicas of everyday objects from yesteryear. The teachers would like to thank all of our volunteers for coming along and getting in the spirit of getting dressed up as a Georgian!

Well done to our P6 responsible citizens who completed a First Aid training course run every Friday by Mr Rae. They have learnt lots of skills to keep themselves and others around them safe and have built up a bank of knowledge over a series of weeks. Some have chosen to do this as part of their JASS award run by Mrs Ramsay. First Aid





P6C have taken each other on a virtual tour of the Royal Mile in our Old Edinburgh Social Studies Topic. We have climbed the crag and wandered down the tail, learning about Edinburgh’s main landmarks. Cooperative groups have asked higher order thinking skills questions and carried out research in ICT to become experts on different places. We have then been a hive of creativity and team work to make mixed media versions of the different Old Town buildings! Next, we shared our learning with our peers and all enjoyed the history and stories of the High Street from the comfort of our own classroom. The results look great and all agree that next time we are walking down the real Royal Mile we could give a tour guide a run for their money!
However, as you can see the Old Town was getting very crowded and so next week we may have to move into the New Town!

Winner of P6 competition – Finn Trigg

Mystery on the Mound


Merry Christmas everyone! As term drew to a close we were treated to performances of Silent Night by our violinists. Homework for the last week had a festive spin and Marta in P6C designed an imaginative and creative Christmas high street – slightly less crowds than the centre of Edinburgh! Thank you for all of the support,  lovely well wishes and treats. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday and see you in 2018.

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année from P6C!

French Pen pals 2

Primary 6C is getting festive in French and German! We have been learning ‘Vive le Vent!’ which sounds very similar to our Jingle Bells! Also, we have been practising our German colours by decorating a ‘Weihnachtsbaum’ whilst singing along to traditional carols. Daniel Alvarez, the German Language Assistant, has shared his culture by telling us stories about how Germany celebrates Christmas.  Although, the icing on the Christmas cake has been finishing off our Christmas cards and letters to our French penpals in Les Milles, France – which hopefully will catch the French post! We have challenged ourselves to learn different vocabulary to talk about ourselves and we hope to receive replies in the New Year!


P6 Industrial Revolution Art Work

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