Primary 4

P4 Overview

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Visit to Mary’s house!

 P4’s Mary Queen of Scots Topic is drawing to a close soon and so we decided to go round to her house to see what else we could learn. Holyrood Palace was full of clues about how she lived and what it was like to be royalty in the 16th century. We marvelled at regal portraits (with their distinctive noses!), laughed at Tudor fashion when dressing up in replica outfits and found out intriguing information about her dramatic time in the Palace. Secret doors and staircases added to the mystery of Mary’s time there! As teachers, we are impressed with how much P4 showed their prior learning and the way they asked and answered questions throughout the tour. Thank you to our parent helpers who came along for the day to brush up on their Scottish history! 


Primary 4s at the Victorian Classroom 



In P4A we  looked at examples of Victorian buildings in our local area and used them as inspiration for our whole class art work.

In P4B we have been making collages of our favourite animals.

In P4C we thought about who our real life super heroes are and added them to our P4C class charter.

Children’s Rights

Our P4 Showcase of Learning focused on Children’s Rights. Our performance of singing and acting impressed our families and friends. Everyone loved our creative dance element. We really enjoyed performing this to the school too.

Here are a few of our favourite moments.

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Here are some of our P4 class learning walls.

Our Welcome Books include class dates for your diary, some information about the curriculum and ways to support your child’s learning – this will be updated soon

We are pleased to provide details of our class timetables for 2018/2019.

Timetable for parents P4A

Timetable for parents P4B

Timetable for parents P4C

P4 Yearly overview