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Goodbye to P3 Home Learning!

And that is goodbye from the P3 Team! Thank you so much for all your support during these strange times. Everyone has had a different “home learning” experience, and our hope is that we helped. The website will stay live, but the Teams will be archived over the holiday as there will be no-one to supervise. We will post a last short goodbye video tomorrow at 10am.

Seeing as nothing beats organised fun, here is a final grid for some ideas to enjoy yourselves 🙂

P3 Party Grid!

Waka Waka [external link]

Week Beginning 22nd June

When we left the school on that last day in March, little did we know that we would not be seeing it again until August! This week the children would have been packing, ordering their classes, saying cheerios, and the teachers rushing around trying to reorder their classrooms. We have lots of furniture to move and paperwork to sort out, so we have created a “last week bingo” of activities that you can cross off that all have a “revision” theme.

Between 2:00 and 3:30 on Thursday we will be in the playground, where you can drop off any books and pick up anything that was left in the classroom. Please remember to distance!

P3 Final Week Learning Grid
P3 Final Week Learning Grid (colourless for printing)

For more materials, these links can take you to a wealth of content:
BBC Bitesize [external link]
ICT Games [external link]

Week Beginning 14th June

Happy to announce the results of the Sports Day – well done Churchill!

1st Churchhill 832 points
2nd Leamington 800 points.
3rd Merchiston 710 points
4th Viewforth 680 points.

We are onto our second last week, the last week we teachers will be moving a lot of furniture around so there will be a “learning grid” to choose your own activities. This week we will continue to look at FORCES, work on our measuring skills in maths, and do a variety of literacy activities.

We will have two hand-in pieces of work this week.

We aim to return the work within a week. Late hand ins are allowed! We know you’re busy! 🙂

While we will check in on the playground it is not supervised at all times. It is a good opportunity for children to learn the bounds of online conduct.

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