Our School

CfE School Curriculum Map May 2016

Bruntsfield Primary School

Shared Vision

We endeavour to create an inclusive, educational environment of the highest quality which:

  • values and respects each individual
  • provides pupils with the necessary skills for life
  • works in partnership for the benefit of all
  • promotes Wisdom, Justice, Compassion and Integrity

School Aims:

We aim to:

  • provide the highest possible standard of teaching and learning experiences to encourage all pupils to develop as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors
  • facilitate pupils and staff to achieve their full potential and celebrate achievements
  • create a stimulating, enjoyable and secure environment, built on mutual respect
  • create an environment where pupils, parents and carers, staff and partnership services and agencies work together
  • show respect for, participate and contribute to the life of the school and wider community
  • develop an awareness and understanding of local and global issues


We aim to be guided by the ‘Principles for Curriculum Design’ outlined in a ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ which are:

  • challenge and enjoyment
  • breadth
  • progression
  • depth
  • personalisation and choice
  • coherence
  • relevance

In short, our vision for all pupils and staff is to:

‘Be the best we can be………achieve your personal best!’

Compassion:   we try to understand how others feel and what we can do to make them feel better

Justice:            we try to act and treat people fairly, to recognise right from wrong and to hear all sides of a disagreement

Wisdom:          we know that learning is important and we try to use what we learn with common sense and caring

Integrity:         we try our best in all things and always try to be honest and respect the rights of others

Pupils Shared Vision

We shall try to make the school a place where everybody feels welcome, safe and happy and where learning is the best it can be.

We shall:

  • have opportunities to learn helpful skills for life
  • treat each other fairly
  • work together to help everyone become a Successful Learner, a Confident Individual a Responsible Citizen and an Effective Contributor
  • look for and support everyone to become wise, fair, caring and honest
  • help pupils have the best future possible

In short, our vision for all pupils and staff is to………

‘Be the best we can be………achieve our personal best!’

Written by the children in Bruntsfield Primary School’s Pupil Council.