Sports News 2022

Having some fun at our Sports Day 2022 First one in quite some time !

Three of my boys from the Running Club winning medals for XC Brilliant!

Rory winning a cross country race for his athletics club.

Badminton Team who did a fantastic job and came third in their competition.

Ski Certificates for second group of skiers.

Getting their certificates – Second Group of Skiers. All have done brilliantly!

Middle Skiers
Non Skiers now able to ski !

Second Group of mixed ability skiers

Grade 2 to Grade 4 coming down the shoulder
enjoying the morming of skiing

First Group of Skiers getting their certificates Excellent Job !

the first group recieving their certificates at skiing – Grade 2 for all of them !
And one of the instructors giving out th certificates

Here are a few videos of the First Group of Non Skiers now at Grade 2. From not being able to put their boots on, to 8 weeks of training. See what they have accomplished, YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!

P7 Ski Team

The Autumn Dual Slalom Series is a competition where by schools come together to compete in competitions. Schools bring teams of 4 racers and each team races head to head against other schools on parallel slalom course, in a relay race. It is fun, fast and furious.Regional qualifying events are held at 9 locations around the country and the winning teams at each qualifier go on to compete at the SSSA Dual Slalom Championship Finals which are held in Snowfactor at the end of Oct / start of November.

Our team consisted of Rory, Alex, Eilidh and Edgar from P7 who are all very good skiers. They all skied brilliantly and were third in their pool just missing out going through to the final ski off. They were 5th overall and given the level of competition that was fantastic. South Morning side won. Most importantly they all had a great day out and proved to be a great asset to our school showing support to each other, well behaved and polite. Well done team.

Primary 7 Ski Team

Second competition in Glasgow

Ski Team Bruntsfield 2021

The ski team were brilliant. The team skied really well and were kind, polite and considerate to everyone. A real asset to the school. They also did some transition bonding with the South Morningside Team.

It was very competitive with teams from all over Scotland. They were 13th out of 34 teams which was an excellent result for them.

Fantastic Job Bruntsfield Ski Team.