Gibb Memorial Badminton Quaich

Badminton TeamThe Gibb Memorial Primary Badminton Quaich consists of eight school teams representing Scottish regions. The teams play 5 games in each match against each other: Girls Singles, Girls Doubles, Boys Singles, Boys Doubles and Mixed Doubles.


This year’s Bruntsfield team did brilliantly winning 6 of their 7 matches.  3 teams were in the same position at the end of all the matches – 6 wins. However, when it came down to games won, Bruntsfield had won 24 games out of 35 and another team had won 26.  Bruntsfield were the Runners-up – the 2nd best Badminton primary school team in Scotland


The children were complimented on their sportsmanship and fairness in games too and they were the only team to go to the organisers at the end of the day and thank them before leaving.


A big thank you to coach Mike for getting the team match-ready, and keeping them going through the day. His nerves may be shot for the next 12 months after the nail-biting finish!

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