Skiing from Oct 2018 – March 2019

We started our Ski journey in Oct with over 40 kids who had never put on skis to over 40 kids at the end of the 8 week block not only able to ski a bit but able to ski well from the top! Most got from zero when they started to a grade 3 or 4 which is excellent.

In the second group we had 23 kids and all of them could ski to a certain grade so the majority were able to get the next grade up which was excellent too. The ones who already had their grade 7 were bettering their skills on the slopes which is why we do 8 week blocks. We are not just there to get the next grade, we are there to hone skills and make children better skiers on the slopes and teach them how to behave  with regard to risk to themselves and others. Consideration is a biggie too around helping themselves and others when the going gets tough.

When we go to Hillend for these 8 weeks, they are not only learning or bettering their skiing they are bettering themselves.

They learn to respect others, from the instructors, cafe staff and  bus driver.That might not seem like much but a thank you and clearing up and putting your own rubbish in the bin after being in the cafe is all that can make someone else’s day better. Our school has the best reputation at Hillend for being kind, thoughtful and considerate to the staff in the cafe.


They are learning the true value of resilience as they live it on the slopes. It can be very scary and very difficult to make yourself do something that your body is telling you “I don’t want to do this” but it is the getting up and continuing that counts and skiing is one of those sports that teaches that life skill. If we learn young to face those fears we become better adults coping with it.




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