Head Teacher’s Update 13/10/2023

Dear Parents/Carers,


We were all together on the last Friday of the term.  We talked about our values again, a mascot competition and our rights.

P3 Show

Well done to all our performers and staff.  What an amazing show!  All our families enjoyed the performance.  A video of the show has been shared exclusively with all P3 parents.  Thanks to Kristin and Jerome for the filming and editing.


We will have a morning of Hallowe’en fun during the morning of Friday 27th October.  Each class will have a wee dance and a game or two during the morning in the Hall.  Make sure you dress up on the day!


To get an idea of some of the fantastic things which go on every day in Bruntsfield, please download or follow us on X (formerly Twitter) @bpslearners


As you know, we have now established our new vision, values and motto.  We have now asked our young people to design a mascot for Bruntsfield.  The children have heard about this in assembly.  If they would like to enter our competition, please hand your specially designed mascot idea to Mr. Gilhooley on our first day back after the holidays (Tuesday 24th October).

Cauliflower Christmas Cards

The cards/artwork are due in on the first day back after the holidays (Tuesday 24th October).  We won’t be accepting late entries this year.


We close for the October Break on Friday 13th October.  All children return on Tuesday 24th October 2023 at the usual times.

Bruntsfield Primary School Parent Directory

As the Staff Equality Group, we are looking to create a Bruntsfield Primary School Parent Directory – a bank of stories, experiences and mastermind specialist subjects. We are looking for parents who would be happy to come into school to share your experience on any of the following: 

  1. A cultural/religious celebration or event 
  2. Heritage 
  1. Language (either mother tongue, bilingual life or learnt later!) 
  2. National days  
  3. A special trip  
  4. Maker skills – craft, song, story 
  5. Challenges you have faced – these could be linked to protected characteristics (age/race/disability/sex/sexuality) 
  1. Your experience of dyslexia, dyspraxia, ASD (if you are willing to share!) 
  2. Skills you use in your work 
  3. What you do in your job 

If you are interested, please see below for the template reply email to populateSend all replies back to: jenny.dobie@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk 

1. Name  
2. Pupils in school (& class)  
3. Specialist Topic/Experience (a brief summary) – if more than one list all  
4. Time  
5.  Age of preferred audience (Lower school P1/2, Middle school (P3/4) or Upper (P6/7) or All (P1-7)  
6.  Resources needed (if any)  
7.  Availability(delete as appropriate) Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri      Morning/Afternoon  
8.  Contact details (email or phone)  
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