Head Teacher’s Blog 26/08/2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • I am very pleased to see how well the children have settled back to school and how good the lines are in the morning. Everyone has returned with great enthusiasm and energy. Classes are planning and designing their Class Charters, based on Children’s Rights, the finished Charter will be shared on their Class Twitter account.
  • Welcome to our new Primary 1 children and new families. We have a ‘welcome meeting’ for P1 parents on Wednesday 1 September, invites have been emailed to parents and carers of children in P1.  
  • This month’s theme for Building Resilience is ‘Make a Difference’. Our website has lots of information on the work teachers do with their classes and the children lead a lot of the discussions around this.
  • Crossing Guides: welcome to Mr Les Watt who has started at the Montpelier Park / Merchiston Place crossing point this week, there is still one position to fill if you know of anyone who is interested.
  • Flu Vaccines: a consent letter will be sent home with the children (we shall email you to let you know it is in the children’s school bags). When it arrives, please complete and return by 06 September. The date for our vaccines is Wednesday 01 December 2021.
  • The first Parent Council Meeting of the session was last night, minutes will be posted on the Parent Council website https://bruntsfield.org  in due course. If you would like to help support organising events and clubs, please contact them, they are always looking for helpers! The AGM is on Wednesday 22 September.
  • Equalities: our parent group worked with the Cluster Schools to share their experiences and suggestions for our continual development. The staff then worked together in stages to plan learning for the term with this in mind.
  • Interpreters: when families enrol in school, they are asked if an interpreter is required. Should you ever find your situation has changed and you wish to amend this, please let us know. If you know of someone who is not able to access this information, please let us know too. Interpreters are available for Parent Consultations and Child Planning Meetings or other meetings if requested.
  • Violin, Cello and Mandarin teachers are now able to come to schools and teach children in person. This is good news! Violin and cello teachers will start teaching their existing pupils and then send info to P4 classes explaining the selection process.

Covid 19 Update:

  • Ventilation and CO2 Monitors: we started using CO2 monitors last session. Windows are opened each morning and closed at the end of the day. Please remember warmer clothes will be needed as Autumn and Winter approach.
  • Bubbles and Zones: children are no longer working in set bubbles. This allows children to work across stages and more flexibility for support for learning, after school care and other activities. However, large gatherings such as Assembly are still not permitted and we shall try to keep children in year groups for the next few weeks.  
  • Positive Cases in a class: if a child or member of staff tests positive for Covid 19, we shall send the parents and carers of the class a ‘Warn and Inform’ letter. To help, I have added this to our website. You will find it helpful to have a look at it. Whole classes are no longer asked to isolate, but individual people may be, Test and Protect (TAP) will inform us as we are informed of each case.

Staffing Update:

  • We welcome Miss Nicola Dunne, Miss Frances Allen, Mrs Ophelia Guyiri and Mrs Erika Alanis our new pupil support assistants.
  • Welcome back to Mrs Jac Bell and Mrs Lisa Wright from maternity leave.
  • Welcome to our new teachers, Miss Eleanor Humphries in P2C, Mrs Linda Swinson who is sharing P3C and Miss India McPherson who is taking a variety of classes for non-contact time.

If there is anything we can do to help, or if you want to talk any ideas or suggestions through, please contact us via admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk and the office staff will forward your message to the correct person, who will be in touch with you.

Carol Kyle

Head Teacher

Bruntsfield Primary School



EH10 4NA

0131 229 1821

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