Head Teacher’s Blog 10/06/2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • Sharing the Learning: P2 classes have been making 3D model houses, the detail and planning involved is evident. I especially liked the well thought out gardens, the proportions of the windows and doors and careful cutting and colouring. Well done all P2s!
  • New School on Canaan Lane: Updated information on the new school which plans to open for P1 and Nursery pupils only in August 2022 have been emailed to you and are on our website as well as the Council Website at  www.edinburgh.gov.uk/new-education-buildings/new-south-edinburgh-primary-school-canaan-lane
  • End of Session Reports: Information will be emailed to you about the end of session reports which you will have on Friday 18 June
  • School Lunches: P1-P4 children are all offered free school lunches from August. Please remember to book your choices for a school lunch for August on Parent Pay the week before the summer holiday. This allows the kitchen staff to be prepared with fresh, local produce.
  • Covid 19 Update: there has been a sharp rise in positive cases in schools in Edinburgh this week. Thank you to all our families who are testing early. I would like to make you aware, depending on the risk assessment with Health Protection Lothian, siblings of contacts may also be asked to self-isolate. We are doing all we can to keep the children and staff safe in school. If you could help us, by reminding the children of the FACTS and especially the hand washing section for 2 minutes, I would appreciate it.
  • Starting Next Session: Due to the uncertainty about Covid19 over the summer holidays, classes will remain in Bubbles in August. The staggered starts and finishing times will continue. Once the session has started, we shall review our risk assessments, but the continued safety of our pupils, staff and the community will be our first priority. Class teachers for next session will be shared with you on the last week of term along with a reminder of the starting and finishing times for each stage. The teachers will talk to the children about where they line up on the first day back, but we shall all be there to help them.
  • Chicken Pox: we had a confirmed case of chicken pox in school. Information on symptoms is available on the NHS website. 
  • Safer Streets: The City of Edinburgh Council are aware of the many views on the planters. I am told there is a Council Meeting later this month where Spaces for People will be discussed. Signage has been requested, which should help, but I have not been given a date for delivery.
  • The end of term is Friday 25 June 2021 with normal Friday finishing times of 11.55am for P1, P2, P6 and P7 and 12.05pm for P3, P4 and P5. Please remember Kidzcare do not operate on the last afternoon of the term.

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know via admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

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