Grangemouth Relays 2019

It was an interesting competition this year as the organisers moved the date to Sept. instead of the end of October which meant that the P6 kids had only really a month to train instead of the normal two. This also meant that the boys who won the P6 cup last year were not able to compete as they had a scout camp. Other schools struggled as they had only two weeks to prepare and for the 1 mile distance they had to do that is not enough time.

However, even though we had a short time to prepare the children were magnificent as usual. Our P6 girls teams came in 13th and 14th respectfully out of 25 teams and our P6 boys were 18th and 19th out of 27 boys.

The times for the girls overall was A team – 18.47 and B team – 1858 not much in that

The times for the boys overall was A team – 17.28 and B team- 17.29 Wow that was close !

all the P6s as you can see did very well considering. If they had had that extra month they would have come further up I think!

For the P7 girls, well the P7 A team came in 6th overall out of 27 teams and the B team came in 19th. Their times were A team – 16.40 and the B team – 18.19 Well done girls.

For the P7 boys the A team came 21st out of 31 teams and the B team came in 22. They all did very well as this is always a strong race. The A teams time was – 16.53 and the B teams was 16.54 with an amazing run from William R who had to run in the P7 boys team for me but he is a P6 – you were fantastic !

A big thank you to all the parents that came and to my trusty right hand man Emma McLachlan who always keeps things running while I am officiating Also to Patrick who came and helped with the photos and to Andrea who gave me some of her photos thank you so much.



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