Head Teacher’s Blog 27/09/2019

Dear Parents and Carers:

  • Sharing the Learning: Each week I am going to meet with a different group of pupils who will share their learning, thoughts and ideas on what we need to do to make learning and our School the ‘very best we can be’ to achieve our School Vision. This week the children were exploring how we make sure we have regular opportunities to choose what and how we learn.
  • Pupils, parents, carers and staff in schools local to the Meadows are invited to take part in the ‘Walk a Mile in my Shoes – Stand up Together Against Hate’ event taking place in the Meadows on Saturday 28th September 2019.  Further details are in the attached posters already emailed to you.
  • The Government has worked with partners to update the narrative around Curriculum for Excellence.  This has been published on a dedicated website – https://scotlandscurriculum.scot/.
  • CALA have shared their update for scheduled road closures with us. Diversions will be in place at Leamington Terrace and Merchiston Park. Residents of Hartington Place and Hartington Gardens will still have access from Viewfoth. Work will commence on 21 October until 29 November. Further information is available on their website or you may contact them at https://www.cala.co.uk/contact-us Residents have been informed directly from CALA.
  • Please let the class teacher know if you have any queries, they are always happy to help.


You asked about:

  • Building work and impact on playtimes: we have given the P1 pupils an earlier playtime to allow them all to be together at morning break. The scaffolding will be removed as soon as the windows are completed and then the children will have the full use of the front playground. The teachers and PSAs are encouraging all the children to make more new friends whilst they play in designated areas. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
  • Smells in the Gym Hall: The inside of the windows have been painted in the Gym Hall and it always takes a few days for paint smells to clear.
  • School Lunches: if you have any suggestions or feedback on school lunches, we pass them on to the CEC catering team for you. School staff do not set the lunch menu, this is given to us and all Edinburgh City Schools have the same menu. Low sugar frozen yogurt is offered with fruit, some children may have mistaken it for ice cream, but the City are going for the healthy option. A salad and fruit bar are on offer each day to all children.
  • Road crossings outside school: The Council refreshed all the markings outside the school in the summer holiday. I believe the old red markings are wearing away as they are no longer in use.

As always, if you need my help in any way, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

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