First Group Skiers 4th Week

This week the children were working hard on getting those ski skills right! They have now progressed to learning how to control movements so they can go in and out of poles which the instructors place down the hills. All the children get plenty time to practise control  over the movements they have learnt and many realise eventually that their bodies don’t just do these movements on their own, they have to use their heads and think about the movements and then make their bodies respond ….a useful skill in self awareness!

We also had a few tumbles this week and one boy got the old Hillend Thumb but he coped very well and  others  kept falling but  just got back up and carried on. Well done as resilience is all about taking the knocks and  getting up and carrying on.

We had a bit of excitement when it started to snow and at one point it became a small blizzard. There was a lot of excited squeals from the children but the snow didn’t last long. As well as that, the children are probably going to be at the Red Middle Station next week which is what they are all aiming for at the moment. They are getting more confident in coming down a lot faster as well !



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