Bruntsfield Fencers Competition

Fifteen Bruntsfield pupils went to the 21st  Plastic and Foam Fencing competition this Saturday. They were fighting versus pupils from Bonaly PS, Craiglockhart PS, St. Peter’s PS, Towerbank PS, George Heriot’s School, and TNP Gaelic PS.

After two pre-rounds across all fencing abilities, the fencers were sorted in League Divisions with similar abilities for the third round. In this last round they fenced for a trophy, silver and bronze medal in each of the five divisions.

Our fencers were in great form and took all six places in the highest league – Division A.
Joseph (P5) won 14 out of 15 fights and became the overall champion. Second came Katharine, third was Findlay, and the fourth place went to Archie (all P7), followed by Harold (P4) and Robert (P5).
The winner of Division B was Stephen (P6), with Lachlan (P5) third and Kasper (P5) fifth.
In Division C, Hector (P7) came second, Philip (P3) placed fourth, and Ewan (P3) sixth.
Finally, in division E, Henry (P4) won the trophy followed by Matthew (P3) with the silver medal. The sixth place went to Michalis (P2).

With three division trophies, three silver and two bronze medals the Bruntsfield fencers won the Best School trophy. Most of the kids fence at the Fencing is Fun after school club run by the parents council, which also won the Best Club trophy.
Both trophies came home for the seventh consecutive time!

The majority of the fencers have been to one or more of the previous PaFF competitions. But for Henry and Michalis it was their first, with Michalis being the youngest fencer of the day. Still, they both showed some great fencing, and left with their heads high.
It was lovely to see that the Bruntsfield pupils looked after each other and stood together as a team. They certainly all earned their trophies and medals. Well done, fencers!

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