Staff List




Head Teacher Ms Carol Kyle
Depute Head Teacher Mrs Lisa Nicol (part time), Ms Jenny Dobie (acting part time)
Depute Head Teacher Mr Martyn Wood
Depute Head Teacher (acting) Ms Lesley Lamond (whilst Mrs Borrowman is on secondment)
Business Manager Mr Michael Morrison


Class Class Teacher Pupil Support Assistant Room
P1A Mrs Lorraine Johnson & Ms Laura Hunter Mr Antonio Munoz 6A
P1B Miss Emily Kidd Miss Samaira Zuber 1
P1C Mrs Ruth Bowes Ms Doreen McKinnon 3
P2A Mr Jamie Clark Ms Moira Brown 4
P2B Ms Alison Prentice Ms Moira Brown 5
P2C Miss Annie Roberson Mrs Alison Pike 5A
P3A Mrs Rebecca Harvey Mrs Alison Pike 14
P3B Mrs Svetlana McBain Mrs Susan Pallucci 13
P3C Mrs Alison Thomson Mrs Susan Sobey 12
P4A Miss Jacqueline Bell Mrs Stella Soutar 22
P4B Mrs Leanne Armit Mrs Stella Soutar 21
P4C Miss Amy McIlwain Mrs Pat Elmi 20
P5A Ms Cat Davison Mrs Joanna Loxley 18
P5B Mrs Helen Howl & Mrs Emma McLachlan To be confirmed 19
P5C Miss Hannah Doig Mrs Joanna Loxley 17
P6A Miss Seonaid Dobie Mrs Christine Duffin 11
P6B Miss Bethan Griffiths Mrs Christine Duffin 9
P6C Mrs Christine Fudge Mrs Saskia Burnett 10
P7A Mr Martyn Wood & Mrs Kate Hansen Mr Kenny Hamilton 7
P7B Mr Thomas Kane Mr Kenny Hamilton 8
P7C Miss Rosie Carney Mrs Saskia Burnett 15
Support for Learning Mrs Donna Balsillie Denny SfL  Base
Probationer Support Mrs Lisa Nicol
PE Mr Donald Smith


School Administrator Ms Pat John Kitchen Supervisor Mrs Traci Clee
Clerical Assistant Ms Tatsiana Chyker Cook Mrs Kate Combe
Pupil Support Assistant Mrs Ingrid Ramsay Cook Ms Michelle Gullupinar

Ms Angela Miller

Ms Parresa Meikle
Cook Ms Angela Miller
Service Support Officer Mr Christian Amprimpo Cook Mrs Wilma Wilson
Service Support Officer Mr Ronald (Reg) Graham
Cleaner Miss Jo Chan
School Crossing Guide Mr Eddie Good Cleaner Mr Miguel Muijica
Mr Jimmy Crossie Cleaner Mr Robert Stoddart
Cleaner Ms Judith Quin


English as an Additional Language (EAL) Mrs Diane Ferguson Active Schools Coordinator Mr Tony Segall
Bilingual Support Assistant Mrs Ashley Meldrum Swimming Mrs Maureen Hunter
Mandarin Teacher To be confirmed Cello Instructor Mr Neil Cameron
ASL Coordinator Mrs Jodie Morrison Violin Instructor Mrs Angelica Aydin


School Nurse Mrs Josie Booth
Health Visitor Mrs Lorraine Smith
Educational Psychologist Mrs Miranda Eonoble
School Chaplin Rev Sam Torrens
Educational Welfare Officer Mr Gibby Greechan



 Staff List for Website June 2018