Head Teacher’s Update 10/03/2023

Dear Parents/Carers,

Ex Pupil Visit

Everyone enjoyed the visit today (Friday) of one of our successful ex-pupils, Addie Hanley who spoke about her career to date.  Her visit tied in very nicely with the recent International Women’s Day, so the children had lots of questions for her.  We all agreed that we should all work hard to achieve our goals and not let barriers stand in our way.

Community Sustainability Collaborative Projects

The BPS Parent Forum and the school community would like to ask everyone to vote for their Edinburgh Community Climate Fund projects. Voting will be open from 3-12 March 2023!The Edinburgh Community Climate Fund uses a method called “participatory budgeting”. Local people get together to decide how to spend part of a public budget. It gives people a real say in how money is spent.

Who can vote? Everyone who lives in Edinburgh, and they are 8 years+.

The Parent Council and the BPS sustainability group have a really creative Project 28 Trash into Treasure. Another great two entries have been submitted by school parents and local community organisations  – Project 56 A Model Community Climate Action Hub with Dig-In Bruntsfield, BANZAI and Eric Liddell Community and Project 49 Edinburgh Building and Retrofit Collective – Bruntsfield Area Net Zero Action Initiative (BANZAI) and others.

You must award all 5 votes to 5 different projects in the participatory voting process, or your vote doesn’t count so please support these three local ones (plus 2 more)! You must vote through Your Voice (https://yourvoice.edinburgh.gov.uk/budgets#phase-3-public-vote), which does require you to register via mygovscot (https://myaccount.signin.mygovscot.org/CASServer/login). Children 8 and above can vote through their young Scot: https://www.voting.young.scot/ (see Young Scot account) and anyone can vote in their local library. 

Voting ends on Sunday.

Microsoft Teams

As you know, Teams continues to be our main vehicle for posting class information and homework tasks.  If you have any problems at all accessing Teams or the Microsoft site, please get in contact with the class teacher as soon as possible.  We don’t wat you to miss valuable information!

Street access

Illegal parking has been less of a problem recently, but we still get some parents who use the road for dropping off, or double park and leave their hazards on.  Can I just reiterate – there should be no vehicular access at all to Bruntsfield Avenue or the cones at Montpelier Park between 8am and 9am and 3pm and 3.30pm every day.  Let’s make the area safe for everyone.

School Novel

We are delighted to announce that one of our parents, author Ramy Habeeb, will be working with all our pupils across the school on our second collection of short stories, ‘Bruntsfield Pirates’. The children will work initially with Ramy, and then with their class teachers over the coming weeks on their stories. Ramy will start work with some classes next week and the book will go on sale in June. Look out for the publication!

Red Nose Day

Bruntsfield School will be celebrating and supporting Red Nose Day 2023 on Friday 17th March.  The theme is CRAZY HAIR (OR HAT OR HEAD GEAR) DAY!

Amongst other planned activities, there will be an Assembly Mega Quiz, hosted by Mr Wood and dancing with Ms Knust.  A link to a ‘Just Giving’ page was on the original letter.  No money should be brought in on the day.

Kind regards,

Stephen Gilhooley

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