Head Teacher’s Update 03/03/2023

Dear Parents/Carers,

World Book Day

Our learners had lots of fun dressing up as their favourite character from a book, or an adjective on World Book Day (Thursday).  During the week, every class visited the Edinburgh Bookshop with their voucher and had a look around and did a lot of reading in and out of class! Thanks to all the staff and pupils for their efforts.  I’m looking forward to next year already!

Community Sustainability Collaborative Projects

The BPS Parent Forum and the school community would like to ask everyone to vote for their Edinburgh Community Climate Fund projects. Voting will be open from 3-12 March 2023!

The Edinburgh Community Climate Fund uses a method called “participatory budgeting”. Local people get together to decide how to spend part of a public budget. It gives people a real say in how money is spent.

Who can vote? Everyone who lives in Edinburgh, and they are 8 years+.

The Parent Council and the BPS sustainability group have a really creative Project 28 Trash into Treasure. Another great two entries have been submitted by school parents and local community organisations  – Project 56 A Model Community Climate Action Hub with Dig-In Bruntsfield, BANZAI and Eric Liddell Community and Project 49 Edinburgh Building and Retrofit Collective – Bruntsfield Area Net Zero Action Initiative (BANZAI) and others.

You must award all 5 votes to 5 different projects in the participatory voting process, or your vote doesn’t count so please support these three local ones (plus 2 more)! You must vote through Your Voice (https://yourvoice.edinburgh.gov.uk/budgets#phase-3-public-vote), which does require you to register via mygovscot (https://myaccount.signin.mygovscot.org/CASServer/login). Children 8 and above can vote through their young Scot: https://www.voting.young.scot/ (see Young Scot account) and anyone can vote in their local library. 

Drinks in school

A reminder that water and milk are the two drinks permitted in school for health reasons.  Please do not send your child to school with juice or high energy drinks. 

Dates for your diary – upcoming events

  • P5A, P5B and P4/5 will perform their Easter Show on Wednesday 22nd March at 2pm.  Tickets available soon.
  • We are delighted to have been given a place with Scottish Opera’s Schools Tour for our P6 year group.  This year’s show is ‘The Curse of MacCabbra Opera House.’  The performance will take place on Wednesday 3rd May at 2.15pm.  

Right of the Month 

The Right of the Month for March is Article 31, the right to relax and play.  This right was launched by the Rights Respecters at last week’s assembly. 

Kind regards,

Stephen Gilhooley

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