Head Teacher’s Update 13/01/2023

Dear Parents/Carers,

Party Box

One of our parents, Kaz Lyon had a great idea which will make a small impact to the cost of living crisis, climate change and/or waste, and strengthen our community.  He suggested we should keep a box of reusable party items, kept on school premises for parents to borrow.  This will be a sustainable and eco friendly option, rather than buying plastic and polystyrene cutlery and plates etc.

 The box contains solid plastic plates and cups, metal straws, cotton napkins etc. 

Kaz has funded this himself and donated the box to the school.  Many thanks to him for the generosity of the Lyon family.  All we ask is a £1 donation to school and a pledge to wash all the items before returning.  Please ask at the Office to book the box.

Parent Consultations

Our staff are looking forward to welcoming you into their classroom once again and I know the children are excited about getting an opportunity to show you their work and to share their learning with you.

Our in person parents meetings will be held in the week beginning Mon 3oth January. As we have a number of part time staff and staff with caring responsibilities there will be some members of staff that will only be available on certain days and times. Therefore we would suggest logging on to the booking system as soon as possible to see what days and times your child’s class teacher is available.

On the day of your appointment If you come in via the main entrance there will be a poster with a reminder of the classroom door numbers and a member of the SLT will be on hand to point you in the right direction.

The teachers will set some chairs outside their rooms with folders/trays with some examples of the children’s current work. These can be helpful tools during our discussions about the children’s learning and when talking about suggested next steps. The children are always welcome to be included in these meetings but do let the class teacher know if you need to talk privately and the children can wait outside the classroom.

The meetings are scheduled for 10 mins long so please knock on the classroom door if you are waiting for your appointment and it is your time slot. The staff always aim to run as close as possible to the time slots but we appreciate your understanding when this does not always go as planned.

Please Note: If for any reason you cannot make an in person meeting or you can’t find a suitable day or time then get in touch with the school office and we can see how we can help.

Playground Planters

Many thanks to Chris Finden Crofts and to the Parent Council for the funding (from about a year ago) for the installation of the planters in the front playground.  The planters  will be soon lined and filled with soil and be used by the children to learn about growing and living things and also enhance our environment.  We are excited to learn more outdoors!

Our neighbours

Please be mindful that our neighbours in the flats closest to the school, especially in the ground floors, do not want to be disturbed.  There have been cases of knocking on windows or people sitting on their window sills.  Thanks!

Have a lovely weekend!

Stephen Gilhooley

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