Head Teacher’s Update 02/12/2022

Dear Parents/Carers,

Christmas gifts for teachers

In previous years, the class rep would collect a donation from parents to give in the form of a voucher, to their class teacher and/or key members of staff.  I have discussed this issue with teachers and parents to gauge the appetite to continue this tradition.

We explored the possibility of not doing it, but I know some parents want to give and that should be their prerogative.  Therefore we will continue with the donation, but if you would prefer to give to charity this year, or simply not take part for your own reasons it is your choice.  The donation will be anonymous and non-judgemental. Class reps will be in touch soon.

Maths Week Scotland Challenge

For the first time ever, Maths Week Scotland are doing a ‘Countdown to the Christmas Holidays’ this year, with activities shared daily from 1-20 December. You might want to do some of these as a family.

The activities are aimed at Primary School level, and will be a mix of puzzles, games, art & crafts, and more, all with a maths themed twist – seasonal fun, whilst boosting children’s maths skills along the way. The activities will be shared each morning on the website here: https://www.mathsweek.scot/countdown 


Here at Bruntsfield,  homework is shared by class teachers on Microsoft Teams.  We try to give a good amount without overburdening families with too much to cover.  However, I have noticed in some classes, completion rates are quite low and in some cases, only 35% of children are completing tasks every week.  Homework is not obligatory, however it is important for children to consolidate their learning and it’s a good way for families to get into good study habits or even just to get together.  If you have any problems with the completion of homework, please let us know at our special discreet address: family@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk

Reading Books

Unfortunately our reading books are not being returned back to us in P1-P3.  This comes at a cost to the school, which we can ill afford.  Please have a look in your shelves and return school books back to us asap.  If we don’t get the books back, we can’t issue new ones to the children.

Food Bank Collection

At this year’s Winter Fair, we’re collecting for Love Gorgie Farm’s food bank and if you’re able to help, we’d love you to bring donations! The Love Gorgie Farm food bank supports vulnerable people and families across Edinburgh, East Lothian and West Lothian. The food bank has seen a significant increase in demand recently, so any donations are much appreciated.

Love Gorgie Farm are appealing for tinned food (including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables), tea and coffee, UHT milk, sugar, herbs and spices, biscuits, toiletries, cleaning products, pet food, plus Christmas cards, wrapping paper and selection boxes. 

Please bring all donations to the Winter Fair on Friday 9th December where they will be very gratefully received.   https://www.lovegorgiefarm.org.uk/programmes/foodbank/

Children 1st Parentline

For some of our families, finances can be tight.  Children 1st Parentline provides Money Advice service. They can get help with:

  • Putting a budget together and understanding what bills are important.
  • Seeing if you can increase the amount of money, you have coming in by doing a benefit check.
  • Applying for benefits.
  • Ways to reduce your spending and to budgeting.
  • Seeing if any grants available to help reduce your money worries.
  • Dealing with creditors.
  • Ways to deal with unmanageable debts based on your situation.

Anyone can speak to a member of the Money Advice team by sending an email with your contact information to: financialwellbeing@children1st.org.uk

Alternatively, Children 1st Parentline will listen to you and offer immediate emotional support, they will also arrange a time for you to speak to one of their money advice team to help with your financial situation.  Call 08000 28 22 33 free, or start a webchat, seven days a week: Mon-Fri, 9am to 9pm, Sat-Sun, 9am to noon.

Money advice | Children 1st | Children 1st

Mission Christmas Toy Appeal – Mon 5th – Fri 9th Dec.

Don’t forget the Mission Christmas Appeal, part of Forth 1 Radio’s Cash for Kids, is helping Santa reach children living in poverty, and who are at risk of having nothing to open on Christmas morning. This year, our school will be supporting their fantastic work.  If you are able to, please donate a toy/gift to the school office between  5th – 9th Dec (next week).

The toys and gifts should be:

– NEW and IN THEIR ORIGINAL PACKAGING (the charity are unable  to accept second-hand donations).


– AGE RANGE from new born to teen

– BATTERIES if batteries are required, please provide them, new and taped tightly to the side of the box.

Primary 1 Nativity

We are all looking forward to the P1 Nativity on Wednesday 7th December at 2pm in the Stage Hall (please be seated by 1.45pm).  A reminder that we can only permit 2 people per family into the hall for health and safety reasons.

Christmas Trees

Many thanks to the parent Council and the After School Clubs group for funding our large Christmas Trees this year.  Everyone has remarked how amazing they look!  We have one in the foyer and one each in our two large halls.  The children will have fun decorating them this year.

Kind regards,

Stephen Gilhooley

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