Head Teacher’s Update 25/11/2022

Happy Friday!


Every morning and afternoon, we have vehicles parked on the junction of Montpelier Park and Montpelier.  This is an access point for cyclist and pedestrians.  Please respect their access and park away from the streets around the school.

Time keeping

Unfortunately, some children are still arriving late for the start of the day – some frequently.  This is impacting on learning time and interrupting learning for others.  Please work with us to ensure your child arrives here on time.

Christmas/Winter Jumper Day

On Friday 9th December, we will be having a wear a Christmas/winter jumper to school day.

Children can wear any jumper they like and decorate it, rather than buying a Christmas/winter jumper.   However, should your child want to wear a genuine winter jumper, we will try to facilitate this, without the cost burden.

If you are tidying and come across any unwanted Christmas/winter jumpers, please hand them into the School Office by Thursday 1st December.  We have staff and helpers who will organise a space in the playground to display them on Friday 2nd December for families to find one before they pick their children up.  We could call it a Christmas/winter Jumper Swap/Switch – whatever you like! 

For any Parent/Carer using the Comms App

We just wanted to update you on the current issue where a sign in screen, requesting an email address is sometimes being displayed when opening the app.

The development team has now identified the cause of this and the fix has been sent to Apple and Android. This will be released by them as soon as possible – this is likely to be on Monday.

In the meantime, for anyone being asked to enter an email address, pressing ‘Not now’ will remove this message from the screen. Sign in for parents is BPSparent and pin 201.

You can always get your information direct from Parent Pay, the Website https://bruntsfieldprimaryschool.com/, or from our twitter feed @BPSlearners.

Dates for your diary

  • Friday 9th – Christmas/Winter Jumper Day (am) and Winter Fair (6pm – 8pm)
  • Monday 12th – P7 Christmas Party (pm)
  • Tuesday 13th – P3 & P4 Party (pm); P4/5, P5 and P6 at The Dominion Cinema
  • Wed 14th  – P4/5 & P5 Party (pm); P7 at the Dominion Cinema
  • Thursday 15th  – P6 Party (pm)
  • Fri 16th – P1 Party (am); P7 at Boroughmuir HS for Carols.
  • Mon 19th – Panto in Hall (P1-P4)
  • Tues 20th – Carols and Music celebration in Hall (11am) (no space for parents, sadly!)

Stephen Gilhooley

Head Teacher

Bruntsfield School



EH10 4NA

0131 229 1821

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