Head Teacher’s Blog 30/09/2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

October Mid Term Holiday

Schools closes Friday 14th October at the usual times.  We have an additional holiday on Monday 24th to replace the holiday planned before the Queen’s Funeral.  Our In-Service Day is now a day later on Tuesday 25th.  Therefore, all pupils will return to school on Wednesday 26th October.


All children should be wearing a school sweatshirt every day, if possible and wearing their PE kit underneath on gym day.  We can help with providing sweatshirts for our pupils free of charge.  Please send us an email, or speak to the School Office.

Women’s Champion’s League

Congratulations to former pupil, Emma Watson on scoring against Benfica in the Champions League for Rangers Women on Wednesday evening.  The Scottish team were unfortunate to be knocked out, but their involvement and the goal was a major achievement.

Free School Meals Entitlement

As you know, school meals are universally free now for P1-P5. However, parents who are entitled, in the past, to apply for free school meals are not doing so and therefore missing out on free milk and uniform grants.  If you think you may be entitled to these benefits, please use the link. https://www.mygov.scot/school-meals

Cost of living

I came across this web page from the Scottish Government giving help and advice to tackle the cost of living crisis https://costofliving.campaign.gov.scot/?s=03 

This will affect many people in our community.  Please share widely.

Parent Consultations

Our Staff are looking forward to speaking to you on the telephone about your child’s progress next week.  Hopefully you have had an opportunity to choose a time which suits you.  Face to face consultations in school will take place in February.

Kind regards,

Stephen Gilhooley

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