Head Teacher’s Blog 18/03/2022

School updates:

Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) Celebrations: We are all looking forward to having fun on Friday 18th March. Thank you to Tristan and Adam from P5 and to Olly, Matthew, Ralphie and Ali from P3 and P4, who shared this information with the children at Assembly. If you would like to donate, please do via https://app.parentpay.com/ParentPayShop/Foc/Default.aspx?shopid=7552

Persian New Year: Thank you to our parents who have talked to the classes their children are in and helped celebrate Persian New Year on the 21 March 22. Have a lovely Persian New Year everyone!

UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Gold Accreditation Visit: We are excited to announce that on 15th June UNICEF will be visiting our school to see if we have earned our Gold Rights Respecting Schools Award! The Rights Respecters are working hard to lead the work of children’s rights in the school. They regularly speak at our virtual Assemblies, launch our Right of the Month every month and share important messages and information about Children’s Rights with the rest of the school. Please follow our school twitter account to see the work they are doing. If you would like to know more about Children’s Rights and the Rights Respecting Schools Award, these are some useful websites:


Junior Road Safety Officers: our JRSO have displayed the Park Safe Signs from our Community Police and ‘Parking Buddies’ well. Do see their photos on our website, they do look very good. Let’s hope they help spread the message.

Outdoor Learning: we have organised two more Outdoor Learning Training sessions for staff on 6 April in the school playground and the other on the 12 May in the Links, from Andrew Bagnall who is the City lead in outdoor learning.

Author working with our children: We are delighted that one of our parents, author Ramy Habeeb, is going to be working with all our pupils over the coming weeks to put together a collection of short stories. The book will be published in eBook and paperback form in June. This week Ramy was working with our P6s, who thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with an author on developing their story writing skills.

Covid 19 Update: This week we have had 17 positive cases across 11 classes. We are continuing to monitor carefully and shall do all we can to reduce the spread in each class. We appreciate all you can do to keep the C19 numbers down.

Community Giving:

Two groups of children have organised events to help raise money for Ukraine: A few children in Primary 5 and their siblings organised a baking and toy sale to raise money for Ukraine on Saturday. They set up a stall in a driveway on Leamington Terrace. They decided which toys they wanted to give away, they baked the goodies themselves and they made signs to help promote their charitable event. It was a real team effort! They raised a phenomenal £570 which they donated to the Disaster Emergency Committee.

3 more Primary 7 children also sold cakes and cards and raised £72. What a fantastic thing to do and thank you!

Pupils in Primary 6 and 7 also arranged for extra books for world book day to be collected and sent to children in Ukraine. Each book contained a personal message written by the children and we hope that it will bring just a little bit of happiness when it is read.

General Information:

Become involved….Rights Respecting Schools Parent/Carer Volunteer: We are looking for a parent or carer to volunteer to join our Rights Respecting Schools group. The group is currently made up of pupils from P3 – P7 classes, Mrs Nicol, Miss Doig and Miss S. Dobie. The volunteer needs to be available during the school day to meet with the pupil group and be able to share our progress at Parent Council Meetings. If you are interested in volunteering or would like to find out more, please email admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk (For the attention of Mrs Nicol).

Spring Treasure Hunt: Friends of the Quiet Route, from the Meadows to Greenbank, have organised a Treasure Hunt and all are invited to join in between 19th March – 20th April. The fun and games are suitable for children of any age, with adult supervision. Further information has been emailed to you and is available at bit.ly/3BvHu95

Your Views Please: we would like to know your thoughts on your preferred time for P6 and P7 children starting and finishing the school day. We said when we recovered from Covid 19, we would go back to ‘better than normal’. We have found the school staff and pupils really benefit from the classes starting at different times. When the school grew from 420 pupils to over 600 pupils, it really became very, very busy when all the P3-P7 classes arrived and left at the same time. Lots of children found the numbers coming into school together overwhelming, as did visiting staff. I appreciate there will be other factors which impact on your preferences, but please keep this in mind. An email has been sent to you, with a form to complete, to share your views. I used the language of the staggered day in my email about this, as without this experience, we would not have seen the difference it has made to the school.

Spare Clothing: If you have any clothing for P1 and P2 (age 4-7) we can use in school for our ‘Woops-a Daisy’ moments, please send them in to your child’s class teacher, who will send them to our collection point. We are short of underwear, leggings/tights, trousers and skirts. Many thanks.

Office Enquiries: Please send any information or enquiries to the office by email. This helps the office staff complete their essential morning register checks in the morning in good time. Appointments will be given if there is something which can only be done in person. Your help with this is much appreciated.

Parking during the morning and afternoon: We continue to have complaints from neighbours about the way cars double park and park at the planters whist dropping off and collecting children. We have always had a good relationship with all our neighbours and highly value all they do to help the school. For the few drivers who do drive close to school, please park in a safe place to allow everyone to benefit from the Safer Streets programme. The City of Edinburgh Council are aware of this issue and are working with ourselves and the Parent Council to ensure the children’s safety, whilst doing all they can for the community.

Please contact us at admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk if there is anything we can do to help.

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