P7C Black History Month

  1. We learned about the story of Rosa Parks and the far-reaching impact it had on black communities all over the world. We updated the story to modern times by creating news reports on iMovie, using transitions and text to enhance the production quality. Pupils learned how to create a script and use ‘journalistic language’ throughout to ensure the reporting was realistic.
  2. We learned about different styles of music which were introduced through black communities such as blues, jazz and reggae. We discussed the influence of these styles on music today and then listened to music from a variety of influential black music artists from the past. The pupils used iPads to scan QR codes and access each piece of music before using data handling skills to record information about each track in an organised table. We chatted about music appreciation and discussed how the mood of songs can appeal to our personal tastes.

BBC 6 o’clock news .mov




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