Head Teacher’s Blog 09/09/2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • Sharing the Learning: P5 classes are learning about Vikings and have made shields, written their name using the Futhark alphabet, talked about saga’s and legends and preparing to make a model Viking ship. Looking at this topic with greater emphasis on equalities is challenging the children’s thinking and broadening everyone’s understanding.  
  • Equalities: If you’re on Twitter, this amazing page is great for children’s books on Equality and Diversity  twitter.com/anewchapterbks?s=11
  • The City of Edinburgh Road Safety Team are carrying out a School Travel Plan Review across all schools in the city over the next 2 years as part of a 5 year action plan to encourage more active travel to school. If you would like to share your views, please complete the questionnaire by the 20th September. https://consultationhub.edinburgh.gov.uk/sfc/d2bba93e

Dropping children off at school: I have received concerns from parents that a few parents are parking close to the planters at drop off and collection time. Please park in a safe place and remember children are passing the planters as they come to and leave the school. Parking safely helps everyone.

  • Covid 19 Update: In summary:
  • Please help us by:
  • Collecting Children on Time at the End of the School Day: Kidzcare provide after school care if you are unable to collect your children from school on time. Please register with them at Kidzcare@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk School staff have planning and marking to do and meetings to attend at the end of each day. P1 and P2 finish at 3pm and 11.55am on a Friday. P3, P4 and P5 finish at 3.20pm and 12.05 on a Friday. P6 and P7 finish at 3.05pm and 11.50 on a Friday.
  • Contacting Staff via admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk Personal staff emails should not be used. There may be occasions when we need to redirect emails during absences, as well as ensuring they get to the correct person. This will lead to a quicker response time for you.

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know via admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

Hi Samaira, please email to parents and carers, Ingrid, please add to the website.



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