Head Teacher’s Blog 17/06/2021

Dear Parents and Carers:

  • Golden Book: Well done to everyone who was nominated for our Golden Book. It was a difficult choice as all the nominations were worthy of the award. 
  • We have two children who are joint winners. Congratulations to:
    • Alfie in P1A who has continued to smile all the way through chemotherapy! He has shown great resilience by coming to school and taking part in everything every day he can.
    • Odette in P3B, who wrote a book ‘ The Homeless Rabbit’ to raise awareness of life when homeless. Odette also donated copies for our school library. When Odette shared her story on the radio and in the newspaper, the fundraiser raised £1159 for Crisis to help the homeless.

Nominations, who are also inspiring, are recorded in our Golden Book are:

  • Maddy in P7 for resilience when dealing with her own personal illness. She has handled this so very well indeed and deserves recognition for her resilience.
  • Harley in P7 who has helped others understand dyslexia having shared his own story and experiences. He has continued to work extremely hard all year…a great role model for all! Thank you Harley.
  • Daniel in P7 who shared his love of music, by playing his guitar with a Community Group to help raise funds for the homeless. Keep playing Daniel!
  • New School on Canaan Lane: an email has been forwarded to you with the latest update. If you would like to be involved in choosing the name of the new school, you may contribute via
  • The Standard and Quality Report for Bruntsfield Primary School for 2020-2021 is on our website. Everyone is thanked for all they have done to keep the children safe during C19 and all the effort made to continue to support the children whilst ‘Learning at Home’. Special thanks go to the fantastic way, everyone restarted and re-joined classes in March. All the wider achievements the children gained whilst learning at home has given them life skills they will be able to use for ever! Well done everyone!
  • Cluster Improvement Plan: We very much work as a team with our Cluster Schools and will continue to focus on:
    • Learning, Teaching and Assessment:
      • Digital Technology: continuing to develop use of Teams and improve our digital devices and internet connections in school..
      • Cluster moderation of learning, and raising attainment in writing.
      • Outdoor Learning, continuing to develop skills from P1-P7.
      • Developing the Young Workforce: P5-P7 skills for work.
    • Health and Wellbeing:
      • Delivering the City programme of ‘Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood’ (more information on this next session).
    • Equalities, Equity and Inclusion:
      • Delivering a Culturally Inclusive Curriculum
      • Children’s Rights
      • Ensuring poverty is not a barrier to success.
  • Covid 19 Update: I am told the numbers of positive cases are high in Edinburgh. We have also been informed, upset tummy, vomiting, headache and a sore throat may be symptoms in children. Further information is available from:  https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/14/delta-variant-covid-symptoms-include-headaches-sore-throat-and-runny-nose
  • Learning at Home if you are Isolating: Edinburgh Learns have produced a resources page for anyone who is asked to isolate until the summer holiday. It is on our website should you need it.
  • Parent Council Meeting:
    • The Chair of Parent Council thanked all the staff, pupils, families and the community for all everyone is doing, and has done, to help keep everyone safe over the last 16 months. The recognition of all the children have given up, worked through, adapted to and recovered from has been inspirational and a credit to all their parents, teachers, pupil support assistants, families and peers.
    • Discussions on starting clubs slowly and safely are in place and hopefully, P6 and P7 children will have opportunities to join clubs in September. Information will be shared when details have been finalised.
    • The Art Auction was a great success, £1876 has been raised so far, the closing date is Friday 18 June, there is still time to meet the £2000 target! Many people in the community commented on how much they enjoyed seeing the art displayed outside the school. Thank you everyone who organised and supported this.
    • Special thanks from all of us to the Parent Council Chair, Vice Chair, Communications Team and all the Parent Council Members who have worked tirelessly to support you, the school and link with the community this session. It is very much appreciated.
  • Equalities: The ‘A+ Group’. This is a new group for African and Asian Parents and Carers at Bruntsfield, with their allies who are meeting every six weeks to discuss issues which impact on them. They will share key information with us to help us achieve the best for everyone.
  • End of Session: Please be mindful of the risk of the virus spreading during drop off and collection times and to be ask quick as possible. I understand the enjoyment everyone has at the end of session and the desire to chat and mark the end of the school year. However, we have done so very well so far and I really do not want to contact any family and tell them they are a ‘contact’ and have to self-isolate at the start of the holiday. Your understanding and help with this is, as always, very much appreciated.

Please remember, school closes for the summer at lunch time next Friday 25 June.
Enjoy the last week of term, keep safe and have a lovely weekend when it arrives.

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

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