Head Teacher’s Blog 27/05/21

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • Sharing the Learning: P5 children are sharing their ‘Newspaper Articles’ they are writing on the Battle of Stirling Bridge. P4 classes have developed working in groups to create wall displays based on The Titanic using shapes and repeated patterns
  • Find Raising: Alice and Emma in P4C made ‘powercord’ key rings and sold them to raise £107.81 for the NHS. Odette in P3B wrote a book, The Homeless Rabbit, and raised £1159 for homeless charities.  Well done girls!
  • Golden Book Award: I have had three nominations so far, if you have any one you would like to nominate, please complete the application form (on our website) and forward to me by Monday.
  • The price of school milk and school meals will remain the same for next year 2021-2022. Lunches are £2.25, and will be free for P1-P4 children in August. Milk is 17p a day and paid for termly.
  • Attendance: it is very important we know if you are taking your children out of school. Please continue to let us know in advance of any appointments etc. This helps us keep our registers up to date and contact any parents quickly if children are not in school. 
  • Safe Spaces for People: The City of Edinburgh Council are working on road signs which will help everyone understand the minimisation of traffic on Montpelier during drop off and collection times. There is still work to be completed on this project before a plan which works for everyone in the community is finalised.
  • Covid-19: Fountainbridge Library is offering free testing for people with no COVID-19 symptoms in communities where COVID-19 infection rates are now or have recently been higher than some other parts of Edinburgh. They are open from Monday 31 May to Sunday 6 June from 9am to 6pm. Testing is free, fast and safe. There’s no need to book and it will only take around 15 minutes to take the test and 45 minutes for people to be sent their results. Regular testing for people with no COVID-19 symptoms is one of the ways we can all help keep people safe and stop the spread of COVID-19 in Edinburgh.

If there is anything we can do to help, please contact us via admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

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