Head Teacher’s Blog 22/04/2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • Welcome back to the summer term. The children are really enjoying being with each other and in class. They are especially enjoying their breaks in the sunshine!
  • Our Eco Team have started the term well and are planning a ‘learning wall’ homework challenge, similar to our Rights Respecters and Sports Day ones. Details will be shared in the next two weeks.
  • Parent Consultations will be held by telephone next week. If you do not have your appointment, please let us know and we shall help.
  • School Uniforms: Stevensons are opening a new shop on 26 April. If you are due to collect any outstanding orders, please check their website for details.
    • New Address: Stevensons, 1-3 Elfin Square, Edinburgh, EH11 3AN
    • New Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (excluding Wednesday): 9.00am – 5.30 Wednesday and Sunday: CLOSED
    • Tel: 0131 477 3922 Email: edinburghbranch@stevensons.co.uk
  • Headlice: It would be great if everyone could check each other’s hair for headlice please. We have been told our little visitors are back in circulation.
  • Some parents have recommended that parents join the Covid tracker app at  https://covid.joinzoe.com/schoolnetwork.  It gives the school and community information and adds to the ZOE Covid19 symptom studies.
  • Covid-19 Vaccines: information videos are available in many languages, please see the list below for details:

Urdu – https://vimeo.com/534515281, Bengali – https://vimeo.com/533458662, Swahili – https://vimeo.com/531693262, Romanian – https://vimeo.com/530768290, Cantonese – https://vimeo.com/530767549, Mandarin – https://vimeo.com/530767346, Arabic – https://vimeo.com/530755530, Polish – https://vimeo.com/530744121, English – https://vimeo.com/530751443, English v2 – https://vimeo.com/530747880. BSL – https://vimeo.com/530744945

If anyone would like our help in any way, please contact us at admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk.

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

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