Head Teacher’s Blog 1/04/2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • Easter Showcase: Parents and Carers of children in P5A, P5B and P5C classes are invited to join in the Easter Celebrations, shared in videos by each class and posted on the class Teams page.  Thank you everyone in P5!
  • Pupil Achievements: Barrington in P5A, received a Blue Peter Badge sharing his story on how he climbed Mount Schiehallion (this was a home learning activity). The Blue Peter Team really enjoyed reading all about it, you can too on our Twitter account. Well done Barrington.
  • Parent Council: We had a very good meeting last night, their minutes will be posted on the website. They are looking for volunteers to help with fund raising activities. If you would like to help out, please let your class rep know. A quiz or two may be just what we need!
  • School Lunches: The Scottish Government have announced free school meals for P4 pupils (in addition to P1-P3) from August 2021 and for all primary children from August 2022. They have also worked with companies to reduce their packaging by 47% (excluding through Covid19 restrictions). Plans are in place to return to lunches being served in the Dining Hall from August 2021, details will be shared nearer the time. School lunch prizes are frozen in 2021. For further information, please see foodinschools@edinburgh.gov.uk and https://www.gov.scot/publications/healthy-eating-schools-guidance-2020/ 
  • P7 Epic Days: The City of Edinburgh Council and staff from Benmore and Lagganlia Outdoor Centres are working together to organise ‘Epic Days’ for the current P7 classes. Due to the number of P7 classes in the City, some will be before the summer holiday, others will be in the first term of High School. Information on Epic Days is available at https://www.experienceoutdoors.org.uk/epic-days. I have just been informed, due to the Scottish Government’s timetable for return to Health Protection Levels, it has been necessary to delay the start of Epic Days until 17 May. The result of this is that our P7 children will have this experience as an S1 event in the Autumn term. 
  • Friday Lunchtime Collection: for P1 and P2: During Covid-19 restrictions, P1 and P2 pupils will finish at 11.55am. Once Covid-19 is over, they will return to the 12.05 finishing time, along with P3, P4 and P5.

P6 and P7 finish at 11.50am as they start at 8.30am.  

  • Drop off times: I was asked how long parents need to wait once the children go into the playground, there is no need to wait at all, you are free to go. Officially we take responsibility for the children at the start of the school day, which is 8.30am for P6 and P7, 8.45am for P3, P4 and P5 and 9am for P1 and P2. Well done to all of the older children who are walking themselves to school.
  • Homework: we are continuing this on Teams to build skills, they will be needed for high school and we definitely want to make sure we keep the children engaged in this activity. If you have any problems accessing Teams, please let the class teacher know.
  • Covid-19 Update: numbers of pupils across the city have been rising as more children are being tested. A letter with additional guidance on how to enjoy the Easter, whist reducing risk, has been emailed to you. Please let the City of Edinburgh Contact Centre at 0131 200 2000 to allow them to contact track and trace any children or staff who are to isolate.  If you do suspect someone in the family are showing symptoms, do write the date and time down as soon as they start. We have found, this is really helps be absolutely sure for contact track and tracing.
  • The Meadows: We have been informed the Police will be conducting patrols across the Meadows following reports of anti-social behaviour from young people. They are going to encourage them to follow the guidance to ensure the community can get back to normality in the coming weeks and months.
  • I look forward to welcoming everyone back Tuesday 20 April. Until then…

Enjoy the Easter Holiday, keep safe, look after yourselves and each other,

Kindest regards,

Carol Kyle

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