Head Teacher’s Blog 26/11/2020

  • Sharing the Learning: P6C have been designing covers and summaries for books they would like to write. They had lots of ideas to share, all based around Bruntsfield. Kayla’s theme was on ‘The Bruntsfield Treaty’, Brune chose ‘The Bruntsfield Horror’, Izzy designed her cover and summary on ‘The Bruntsfield Cabbage Crisis’ and Toby chose to write and illustrate ‘The Bruntsfield Ghost’. Some budding graphic designers and authors in our community I think! Well done everyone for taking part and sharing. I look forward to reading the first chapter!
  • We had our first every Police Talk on Road Safety to P4A, P4B and P4C on Teams. It was really good to bring the three classes together and they could see each other and hear each other’s questions. Many thanks to our Police Team and P4 teachers for doing this and the children for their great questions.
  • Reflectors: I have seen some children with reflectors on their bags, coats and shoes. They do help ensure they are seen in the dark. Every little helps!
  • Winter Windows fundraising is supporting both Hearts & Minds, and Children 1st. Details on how to download your template at  https://bruntsfield.org/2020/11/22/bruntsfield-winter-windows/ Enjoy!
  • Covid19 Update: Do keep up the good work social distancing, wearing face coverings and handwashing. We are so close to the Christmas holidays, I really would like to make sure all the children, the staff and yourselves have an ‘isolation free’ holiday and the children enjoy the last few weeks of the term healthy and well in school. I have noticed the results of tests are coming in much quicker now, which is reassuring to all. Keep up the good work everyone, it is worth it!
  • Christmas Giving: P5 have matched up with the Word Care Foundation to help people in Edinburgh enjoy a Christmas Meal. The Foundation are providing the main course, and we are contributing to the pudding! If you would like to join in, please send any non-perishable ‘sweets or treats’ to your class teacher by the 15 December and they will be collected on the 18 December. Many thanks!

As always, if there is anything I, or another member of the School Team can do to help, please contact us at admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

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