Communication from School

Dear Parents and Carers,

Communication from School

We hope the information below will help clarify the ways in which we will communicate with you going forward.

In order to move learning away from ParentPay to reduce the number of emails you receive and to make our communication more open we will:

  1. make greater use of our website where we will store all year group related home learning grids and other related materials;
  2. introduce Office 365 and Teams to classes.
    Currently this is being used byP4-P7 and this has helped in migrating P1-3 onto this platform;
  3. All P4-P7 pupils should have been provided with usernames and passwords and should be actively using Teams;
  4. P1 -P3 should also have received usernames and passwords and teachers will begin using Teams with classes this week;
  5. Post help sheets for parents, carers and pupils on how to use Office 365 and Teams on our website; 
  6. Publish the Head Teacher Weekly Blog to the website as well as via email.

In addition, to help families access our website, parent pay and hopefully to help improve communication we:

  1. introduced the School App for Parents (the app links all the sites into one place);
  2. this app does not hold information, but is an extremely useful way to access all the platforms from one page;
  3. it is a choice if you wish to use it;
  4. it will not give you additional information but connects the links to the other sites which does save time searching browsers.

Sharing Home Learning with Pupils, Parents and Carers

  1. The Weekly Overviews for home learning are now on the Website in the ‘Home Learning 2020’ section and will be posted in your class Teams.
  2. There is one section for each stage.
  3. Previous weeks Home Learning Grids will be uploaded in order that you can continue referring to them as you need.
  4. Posting them in this way helps staff and children attending Hub Schools as it allows them easy access to these resources. 

Using Microsoft Teams:

  1. This will now be done using Teams by each class teacher and is accessed using each child’s username and password.
  2. Each teacher has issued information to their class on the ways they will use 365 with the children in their classes.
  3. Teachers will share information with the children on what they are to learn and how on via their Class Teams.
  4. Children will be able to share their learning and receive feedback for specific pieces of learning through the Assignments section in Teams.
  5. Staff are able to communication directly with the children.
  6. Staff are able to post video clips for their classes privately on Teams and prefer this to the Website.
  7. Pupil Support Assistants are working to support learning in class Teams with your children and will make links with them.
  8. Additional Teams will continue to be set up: already we have some for Support for Learning Groups, Junior Duke and Running.

In order to reduce your email burden, ParentPay will be used to communicate: 

  1. Head Teachers weekly update;
  2. Urgent changes which you need to know as it comes to us;
  3. Specific information for individual families;
  4. Responses to any questions you have.

Please contact us via for:

  1. Any questions to any member of school staff.
  2. Sharing information with us as appropriate.
  3. If there is anything I, or another member of staff, can do to help.

As we navigate the next few weeks and put the plans in place to get schools back in August, we will keep you updated via the Head Teachers Blog.  

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