Skiing Oct 2019 – 2020

It has taken me a while to be able to get to finally sit down and sort out all the videos and pictures of the skiing from Oct 2019 to March this year 2020. I was highly relieved that we were able to finish the skiing of before our self-isolation started and was very proud of all the children starting from not been able to ski, to finally coming down from the second red and the black. What an amazing achievement for all of them. I know some children found it far more difficult than others but they all got there in the end. I will be adding a few videos for you to see how well they were all doing.
On this year, I really do not know what will be happening. I have been in touch with Hillend and they said at least get the numbers in case they can open but I am not sure that we will be able to go this year. However, we can only be optimistic about it so I am going to set something up, so you can at least tell me if you would like your child to ski or not when they come into P6. I would need to know if they can ski and what grade they are on (not what they think they are on) I am not going to bother with prices or dates at the moment, but the groups would run like before, Oct – Dec beginners, Jan – March skiers.
However, if we can’t go to Hillend in 2020 we may be able to do the Jan – March and if that was the case I would only take the beginners instead of the skiers as they are the ones that would benefit more this time round. I cannot promise anything as, if and when we go back, the children may need to catch up on work in class and therefore the skiing would not go ahead but let’s wait and see for now.
So here is the start of the videos …
I hope you are all well and keeping safe folks!



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