Head Teacher’s Blog 2/04/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


  • We are pleased our staff and pupils of Essential Key Workers are doing very well at Tynecastle High School. If you do not need the place please let us know the night before, or earlier if you know, by emailing SchoolsandLifelongLearning.BusinessSupport@edinburgh.gov.uk It is helpful if you could also email admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk to allow us to prevent staff travelling to Tynecastle if not needed. Thank you!
  • After Easter the times for children for Key Workers to be in a Hub school will be extended and is most likely to continue at Tynecastle High School. If this changes, I shall let you know.
  • The City of Edinburgh Council are contacting parents directly about which Hub they are to use during the Easter Holidays.
  • Home Learning: Thank you to everyone for doing all you are to help support the children. Please remember to give yourself time to get used to home learning, this experience is new for everyone and we are all in the same position. There are exciting opportunities to learn together as a family and as a School, but also the need to enjoy some down time too. Give yourselves time and space to get used to it all. Anxiety and worrying about our friends and family, especially the elderly, will have an effect on us, we need to build time in our lives to accept these challenges. One of the best ways to restore balance is to take the time to teach different skills too – cooking is a great one! Being mindful of preparing the vegetables for a pot of soup takes your mind off everything else. This experience will be something to talk about for years to come and give us skills and resilience we didn’t know we could develop. I remember going to school during the miners strike and we had a three day week! We didn’t have social media, mobile phones, internet and the TV had just become colour, along with only 4 channels!
  • Accelerated Reading: This was planned in the first instance for P5 -P7 pupils. All P5-P7 pupils have completed the baseline star assessment with their teacher and have their ZPD (the reading level they are on). Most should have their reading book at home, as they take their books home at the end of each day. If the children do not have their book, the ‘Libby App’ is a great way to access free books from Library Services. Once the children have completed their book they may progress through the books with the same ZPD Code. You may enter the site via google, at Accelerated Reader. Renaissance are the provider at  https://www.arbookfind.co.uk/UserType.aspx?RedirectURL=%2fdefault.aspx

Once you are there, go through the parent tab. Here you can enter your child’s ZPD and explore a range of books for your child to enjoy.

  • All our staff will continue to plan learning and ways to engage with the children as we work through next term.
  • I have been informed The Scottish Government and COSLA have made a difficult decision to delay further expansion of the 1140 hours until the Covid-19 pandemic allows them to move forward. Details will be shared with you when the City of Edinburgh Council know more details, once building work and recruitment are allowed to recommence. An email has been sent to you with all the information on this.
  • Active Schools are running A-Z activities, starting with the letter A. You can find the challenges either on twitter, see link below or the Join in Edinburgh webpage, see link below.@ActiveSchoolsED   https://www.joininedinburgh.org/sports/active-schools/activeathome/
  • Scottish Attachment in Action has developed some new resources specifically for these difficult times.  You can see them on the dedicated webpage ‘Why Attachment matters more than ever’ where you can also sign up to their newsletter.



Home learning for the summer term starts on Tuesday 21 April.

Keep well, keep safe and look after each other.

Kindest regards,

Carol Kyle

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