Head Teacher’s Blog 19/03/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • Corona-19: Updates will continue to be sent by email due to the rapidly changing information. Should our School close, teachers will email home learning to you each week via ParentPay. Please make sure you are registered and your account details are up to date.
  • All schools have been told to cancel all school excursions and events until the end of June 2020.
  • In addition to the Home Learning information which you will receive from teachers there are a number of websites and apps which may be of interest to you. I have added them to the end of this blog.
  • Whist the Parent Council Meeting has been cancelled, I have included the things you have asked about below.


You asked about:


  1. Home Learning if the School is closed because of Covid-19: Teachers are planning learning for their classes if the school is to close. Some activities will come in the children’s school bags, others may come via email. Each teacher will inform you of the learning activities your child should do.
  2. Computer Suite: I am pleased to say the suite is now open. Thank you for your patience during the building work and relocation of a class. Normal timetable will resume this week.
  3. Book Fair: we carry multiple copies of some books on sale at the Book Fair, but if they are in high demand, we may need to order more. The excitement of the books arriving in school is always lovely to see, but I do appreciate it can be disappointing if you are not always able to take them home on the day. Please check if your chosen book is available to take home or if it is to be ordered to avoid disappointment.
  4. Lunch Queue: we have three sittings and most of the time, the children within each sitting are served within 15 minutes of their bell ringing. However, there are a few occasions when there may be slight delays due to higher demand or staff absence, but the kitchen staff do all they can to make sure food is served quickly when the children line up.
  5. Playground Supervision: Well done to all the children who played really well together today (Monday) at lunch time. We have Pupil Support Assistants, Senior Leaders and Playground Activity Leaders (PALs) as well as Peer Mediators to help the children. Staff timetables are readjusted to ensure we have as many PSA out as possible at break during times of absence. If there are unresolved issues at break, please encourage your child to talk to a pupil support assistant or use some of their building confidence skills to talk the point through with a friend. U, it is not always possible for the PSAs to see every incident as they happen.
  6. Toilets: the toilets are cleaned twice a day and checked by the Facility Technician’s after break and lunch. Unfortunately a few children have thrown paper around and don’t always flush. The children are reminded of good behaviour at all times.
  7. School Photos: we do not have inspection copies of photographs before they go to you. Please contact the company directly, or email the school office with feedback if you have any concerns at the time the photos come out.


If there is anything I, or my team can do for you, please let us know – we are all here to help via email admin@bruntsfield.edin.sch.uk or telephone 0131 229 1821.

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle


Generic Curriculum Area Websites:


Numeracy and Maths Games:


Number Bonds and Times Tables


Apps which may be of interest:

  • Epic!’: this is a really great reading app which allows pupils to select books appropriate for their own age and suited to their own interests. There’s audiobooks, read-aloud books etc. Children may access a 30-day-free-trial at home.
  • Libby’: this app is basically an electronic library where children can search for books and ‘borrow’ them on their own screen. They check out a book as they would in a conventional library and then return it after a period of days.
  • Vocab Lab’: this app allows children to extend or ‘uplevel’ their vocabulary when writing. They simply select an adjective from the list and get six synonyms with increasing complexity that they can use as an alternative in their writing.
  • Hangman’: Simple but effective. Allows the children to practise their spelling words in a fun way with parents or siblings.
  • ‘Sumdog’: We now have the literacy subscription as well.
  • ‘Kahoot’: A fun little app which the children use to create or answer quizzes on almost anything. A good way to revise or extend knowledge of different topics, or even learn a little more about a topic of personal interest.
  • For coding: ‘DaisytheDinosaur’, ‘Lightbot Hour’ and ‘ScratchJr’ – the kids can complete coding challenges and play around with their own codes using these three.




Carol Kyle

Head Teacher

Bruntsfield Primary School

12 Montpelier


EH10 4NA

Tel: 0131 229 1821

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