Head Teacher’s Blog 20/2/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • The Right of the Month is Article 30: ‘You have the right to practice your own culture, language and religion – or any you choose. Minority and indigenous groups need special protection of this right.’ This links with International Mother Language Day on 21 February and Languages Week. Teachers will lead a variety of activities over the next two weeks to support this.
  • Ms Jenny Dobie, is going to continue her Acting Depute Head Teacher position whilst Mrs Nicol in on maternity leave. We wish Mrs Nicol all the best and we look forward to seeing her second baby soon.
  • Building Update: in order to complete the outside of the windows as quickly as possible, the last of the scaffolding has been erected. Unfortunately, the stairs to the rear of the school have been blocked. On a good note, the children may use the stairs at the other side. We have asked for this to be opened, but it may be quicker to finish the painting and remove it all at the same time than wait for the scaffolding to be changed. The flooring in the children’s toilets has been changed (it is the same colour) and the wash hand basins upgraded, there is still some work to complete.
  • Autism Sunday was during the holidays and Autism Week is the 30 March to the 5 April. Information on Autism is available at https://autism.org.uk/get-involved/world-autism-awareness-week/schools.aspx.  Class teachers will discuss Autism with their classes during this week.
  • “One of our parents has asked to share the following information on Parentline: Parentline, is a service run locally by the charity Children First, which offers help to any family in Scotland needing support. The website has information on child development and strategies for dealing with the everyday challenges of being a parent. Parentline are also available to talk 365 days a year (Monday to Friday, from 9am-9pm, Saturday and Sunday, from 9am-12noon). Calls are  free on 08000 2822 or you may Chat and/or find advice at children1st.org.uk/parentline Email: parentlinescotland@children1st.org.uk


If there is anything I, or anyone from our staff team can do to help, please let us know,

Kind regards,


Carol Kyle

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