Head Teacher’s Blog 21/11/2019

Dear Parents and Carers:

  • Bruntsfield Primary School raised £488.63 for Children in Need. Thank you for supporting this very good cause.
  • Sharing the Learning: P6 have been writing for a purpose and delivered letters to local shops. They found out the metal tubes at the entrance to shops used to be used for Christmas Trees and wondered if they could be placed in them once again.
  • P6 and P7 have worked with Tiny Medics to learn First Aid skills, this is a great way for them to learn and look after their own health as well as support our community.
  • The Sportshall Team did amazingly well on Monday 18th November at the Jack Kane Centre. There were 10 teams competing and the first 3 teams go through to the Final in January. Cramond came third, St Peters second and Bruntsfield first. Great achievement everyone, we are all very proud of all of you. Calum in P7C, broke the Edinburgh record for Speed Bounce with an impressive 78 bounces in 30 seconds. Well done Calum!
  • Yoga: P5s completed their 4 sessions of yoga last week. The first session was chair yoga; yoga that can easily be done at a desk, in class, including ‘movement snacks’. The following three sessions focused around stretching the body. The yoga teacher, Mrs Phillips Urch, tells me this is  particularly important for sporting activities, the more elastic the muscles are, the less likely they are to become injured. For those with hypermobility or who are super flexible, the focus was to think about strength rather than how far they could stretch. Each session incorporated breath work and finished with relaxation.


  • School Photos: You should all have your individual and/or family photos. If you have not done so and would like some, please order by 25th November to ensure they arrive before the end of term. If you have any queries please contact the School Office via email: admin@brutnsfield.edin.sch.uk
  • Packed lunches: P5-P7 children may choose to have their packed lunch in the Dining Hall or at the picnic tables in the playground. As the weather is becoming colder, you may wish to talk to your child about this.
  • Work to deliver the new primary school on Canaan Lane is due to start this November. The new school is due to be operational in August 2021, which means that the new catchment areas will be in place for future P1 pupils registering in November 2020. The new school’s catchment will include a small part of the Bruntsfield catchment area. There will be no mandatory transfer of pupils already attending a primary school. The Council web-page will be updated as the project progresses – please see www.edinburgh.gov.uk/canaanlaneschool for further information.
  • The JRSOs spoke at assembly about Road Safety Week. If you don’t already do so, this is a great time to park cars a safe distance from the School and walk part of the way.
  • As part of Junior Road Safety Week, the children are invited to design a high vis vest for our School competition. All entries are to be returned by Monday 25th November. They must be brightly coloured, appeal to young people and have their name and class on the back. Details from the children’s class teachers.
  • The Parent Council Quiz Night was enjoyed by all who attended.
  • Everyone is invited to our Winter Fair on Friday 29 November 2019 at 6.30-8.30pm. Tickets will be on sale at the door: no change for adults and £5 per child which includes of arts, crafts and activities on offer.  

You asked about:

  • P1 children eating their snack inside while they drink their milk and have a story: the feeling is having the snack during break works well for our children as they do take a long time to eat. The teachers prefer to keep as much teaching time as possible before lunch, this allows the children to enjoy their snack during break and then follow up with a drink after.
  • Is it the case that children have to choose between pudding and soup at lunch? The School menu offers two courses, not three. The children have the choice of either soup or pudding when soup is on offer. Puddings always include fruit to make sure the children have some of their five a day either before or after their main course. They don’t choose soup and pudding.
  • Friday lunch packaging: All suggestions for school lunches and packaging are forwarded to the catering team at The City of Edinburgh Council who plan the menu. Reducing packaging is something they are working on.
  • Tree which fills with water in wet weather: Work around the tree has been requested. The Council were not able to fill it with the materials they had and are exploring best options to ensure the trees continue to flourish.
  • Traffic outside school is still an issue: Any traffic offences should be reported to the police. We have tried many things to encourage all to park safely and walk. Our Traffic Plan is on our School Website.


Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you at the Winter Fair next Friday,

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

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