Head Teacher’s Blog 7/11/2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • Dyslexia Awareness Week: The year, to celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Week, The Friday Club will share information at Assembly on Friday and all the children will be invited to enter a poster competition to be judged next week.
  • Exterior Building work: almost all the work on the windows at the side of the school closest to the Bike Sheds is complete. We only need dry weather for the top coat of paint to finish the section. The scaffolding will then be moved to the rear of the school. When this happens, classes who usually enter by Door 5, next to the Basement Gym, will enter by Door 3, the one closest to the Bike Sheds.
  • Interior Building Work: Next week, two storage area used by the cleaners and Kidzcare are to have some maintenance work and their doors replaced. It may be necessary for the children who come into school via Door 1 at the East side of the school to come in via Door 2, our Main Door.  On Thursday, the classes who line up at the West side of the School (bike shed end) may need to come in and out of the door next to their usual one. All children will line up in their usual places and the teachers will bring them in the correct door. Your patience during this is much appreciated.
  • Thanks to Jules Goodlet-Rowley who is our parent representative on our School Fund Team.
  • Flu Vaccines: There have been reports there may be delays to the flu vaccinations, we are still on track for ours on Wednesday 04 December 2019. If there are any changes, we shall let you know.
  • Our ‘Oor Wullie’ models are sitting in the entrance hall, they have been much admired and have contributed to the successful fundraising across the City for the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (previously called the Sick Kids Charity).
  • The Pupil Council would like to raise money for Children In Need next Friday 15th November. They would like everyone to dress down and bring in £1 if you would like to donate.
  • P5 shared their learning with parents and carers on the Vikings. Well done everyone in P5!
  • Thanks to Henry in P6C who has organised and sold Poppies this week.
  • P7B are gathering and remembering the names of some of Scotland’s lost and endangered species.
  • We are sharing our learning on Twitter, you are all invited to follow us @BPSlearners
  • You asked about: Christmas Jumpers: They are ideal for end of term parties and the pantomime but there is no pressure from us to buy or wear one the choice is yours.


If you would like my help in any way, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

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