Head Teacher’s Blog 22/08/2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • The Additional Support for Learning Team in School are currently planning support for groups this term. Additional support from teachers and pupil support assistants may be for short blocks or longer periods of time. It may take the form of support, challenge or a particular approach to learning, resources to aid progress or help with a social, emotional or physical need. We adapt and write new programmes for the children as needs arise. As in previous years, if your child is going to receive additional support with Mrs Balsillie Denny, she will let you know. You will be able to discuss this with her, and the class teacher, at Parent Consultation Meetings. If your child has more complex needs, a Child Planning Meeting will be organised in discussion with yourselves.
  • Additional short term focus groups for Literacy and Maths will be led by Mrs Lorraine Johnson and Mrs Elaine Tarrant. They will support learning and teaching across all levels and abilities. They will let you know if your child would benefit from a short term input of support or challenge in either of the areas and will support and compliment the class teacher’s plans. Additional information is available in our Additional Support for Leaning Policy on our Website.
  • An email has gone out to explain The City of Edinburgh’s position on the Strike Day for Climate Change planned for 20 September. If your child is going to attend this, please let us know in advance to allow us to know your child is with you and we can record the absence correctly. I am told there is going to be an update to the email, and it will be forwarded as soon as it comes to us.
  • Mandarin: will start for P5 Pupils on Wednesday 28 August for P5A, with Ms Katheryn Fishwick. P5B and P5C will have Mandarin lessons on Thursdays with Ms Aniq Zu.
  • Pupil Friendly Timetables and Curriculum Overview: Each year, the teachers share key dates with you and an overview of the plan for the term. These will be sent to you week commencing 2 September 2019.
  • Diary Date: Parent Consultations are  on Tuesday 01 October and Thursday 03 October from 4-7pm. Details to follow.


You asked about:

  • Why the swimming pool was closed: this is a City of Edinburgh Council plan to upgrade our facilities. We have had a lot of work on the building in the last 10 years. The work on the pool includes cleaning the surface of all the tiles in the pool, upgrading filters and pipes which caused the system to fail in the past, new cubicles and decoration. New parts and cubicles have been ordered, they still have to arrive and be fitted. Please be aware, it is not something within my control to change, however, I have offered my help to accommodate this work as soon as possible.
  • Swimming Lessons: recruitment for a swimming teacher, following Mrs Hunter’s retirement, has taken place and details are being finalised. Swimming teachers are not employed by myself, but directly by the CEC Sports Team. They are allocated to schools. Their manager is looking for other venues whilst our pool is closed. As soon as information comes to me, I shall share it with you.

If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

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