Head Teacher’s Blog 21/03/2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • This is Iranian New Year. Happy Nowrooz to all our Iranian community. Thank you Mrs Sabeti for sharing what this means with P3C today. The children learned a lot about the ways Iranian families celebrate, their language and foods. The children asked good questions and what a good way to learn about the Spring Equinox!

Sharing the Learning:

  • P4 pupils collated all their learning about Mary Queen of Scots to write play scrips, make shadow puppets and film their production. Amazing P4! Even better, they are going to watch their plays, return to their scripts, edit and improve them. Thank you to the teachers and pupils for being so creative.
  • P5 have been making model mountains and learning about erosion. They said, “Geography is a really interesting subject”, which is good to hear.
  • P1 have been writing real letters and cards this week. Some have gone to the Parent Council to thank them for all the new P1 resources (more cards are on their way). There are some very good ‘sorry’ letters from Goldilocks to the Three Bears for eating their food and sleeping in their beds. I do hope they arrive safely!
  • Merchiston’s Maths Challenge: Hamza (P5A), Hamish (P5B), Saisharan (P5B) and Eddie (P5C) represented Bruntsfield in the annual Maths Challenge and learned a lot of new problem solving skills on the day. A great day out was had by all and they are working on ideas to have stage challenges in school.
  • World Book Day: Good to see so many children cashing in their book vouchers. Aleeshmah, Hugh, Maia, Rosa and Rose in P7C shared their stunning designs for book covers with me and I can see we have some great illustrators in our school. Well done everyone.
  • Bruntsfield raised £350 for Comic Relief. Thank you all for supporting so many good causes.
  • Showcase Event: P3 will share their learning on The Egyptians with parents and carers on Thursday 28 March 2019 at 2.30pm in the Stage Hall. I look forward to seeing you then.
  • Bruntsfield Badminton Teams represented the schools superbly and won their league matches. They were awarded 2 trophies which are displayed in our Trophy Cabinet as well as individual medals. Well done Mathilde (P6A), Savannah (P6A), Poppy (P7B), Madeleine (P7C) who played for the Girls’ Team and well done Joe (P6B), Max (P7A), Elwin (P7B), Hugh (P7C) who played for the Boys’ Team. Special thanks to their coach and club organisers.
  • Pupils from Bruntsfield Primary School performed in the P7 String Orchestra at the Resonate concert at the Queen’s Hall. They had a wonderful evening. Thank you Miss Aydin and Mr Cameron for supporting their students during rehearsals in the last month.
  • All Council staff are asked to lock their rooms when they are not using them, which I appreciate makes it difficult if children come back for things they have forgotten. I shall ask all staff to remind all the children to double check they have everything with them before they leave, to prevent the need to return. One parent suggested the children make a check list in their diary to help them remember. If anyone has any other tips, please share them with the class rep or class teacher.
  • CALA have informed us, work will commence on the Old Boroughmuir Building on Monday 25th March 2019. They have assured us they will avoid deliveries during the start and end of the school day.


You asked about:

  • Children’s Toilets: I have asked for the children’s toilets to be refurbished as part of the ongoing maintenance work of the school. We are waiting for short term repairs to be completed until the overall plan for the toilets is confirmed. The facility technicians check the toilets after break and lunch and the cleaners are in each afternoon. I have also requested they are ‘deep cleaned’ on a regular basis. Pupil support assistants (PSAs) monitor the toilets during break and lunch and we have spot checks during the day as needs arise. We shall discuss this with the PSAs and Pupil Council and find best ways to monitor them, which allows privacy but prevents mischief. We shall also talk to the children about sharing the space sensibly.
  • Wet weather: we shall allocate one person to make the call on P1 and P2 pupils coming in on wet days to give consistency. We have had a great winter and let’s hope for a good summer. This is a good time to check all the children have a water-proof jacket for wet days in the milder weather (with their names and classes on them please).
  • School Trips: I have shared your feedback on not booking trips during English half term and ensuring we have enough staff and parent helpers with the teachers. Sometimes, we only have a small selection of dates to choose from which can cause booking at times which are busy. If you would like to help on trips, please let your class teachers know.
  • Class Curricular Overviews for January to June 2019, given out at Parent Consultations, are posted on the School website.

As always, if you need our help in any way, please just ask.

Kind regards, Carol Kyle

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