Head Teacher’s Blog 10/01/2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

  • Welcome back everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the holidays.
  • The end of term was great, with a superb Nativity, fun and games at parties, pantomimes and singalongs.
  • Parent Consultations are on Tuesday 29 and Thursday 31 January 2019. An email was sent yesterday with all the details and a paper copy, for you to return with your choice, is being sent home today. Please return it to the class teacher, for each of your children, by Tuesday 15 January. They will allocate your time and return it to you on Friday 18th January (all details are on the letter).
  • Greenpeace talked to the P3 – P6 classes about palm oil and the effect the deforestation is having on orangutans. Some of the children made posters about it and they are now on their website at https://www.greenpeace.org.uk/rang-tan-school-posters/ (I see they are updating their website today, but I did get a quick look yesterday).
  • The preventative maintenance work on each ceiling is progressing well, but it will take time to work round the whole school. I have a meeting next Tuesday about our building and future work, such as the windows. I shall keep you informed of ongoing maintenance work as information comes to me.
  • CEC have uploaded the timeline for the new primary school on Canaan Lane. Details may be found at: www.edinburgh.gov.uk/southedinburghschools.
  • The Education Endowment Foundation’s website has reviews on research on ways for parents to support children’s learning and is being promoted by Edinburgh Learns at CEC. Further information may be found at https://educationendownmentfoundation.org.uk/tools/guidance-reports/working-with-parents-to-support-childrens-larning
  • Please remember, if you have changed your address, phone number, email address or emergency contact, please let the teachers or office staff know and we shall update our records.


If there is anything at all I can do to help, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

Head Teacher

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