Grangemouth Road Relays 2018

On the 27th Oct 2018 my teams of runners went to Grangemouth to run the Grangemouth Road Relays. It means that in each team, each child needs to run approx one mile each tagging their team mate when they have done their run. I have been taking children to this competition for a long time and we always do well.

This year they have  done amazingly well with our team of P7 boys coming in 21/37 teams, P7 girls coming in 17/31 and 21/31 teams. Our P6 girls A team did exceptionaly well coming in 4th out of 21 teams and our B team also did really well coming in 12th out of 21 teams.

Coming to our Primary 6 boys, well what can I say our A team WON out of 30 teams and our B team came in 16tho out of 30 teams.

Fin, Robert and Torin, I am very proud that you managed this first time out at a major race.  I now have the Bruntsfield name on the P7 boys cup (2 years ago) , and now the P6 boys cup.

All their places and times are on the SSAA website if you are interested. Our P6 boys who won had a time of 15.37 over all.

I also have to give a big thank you to Rebecca Harvey and Patsy Keefe who went with them this year as I couldn’t make it for family reasons (first time ever) They did a superb job and I am very grateful to them for helping me out.


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