Head Teacher’s Blog 22/03/18

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am using this week’s Head Teacher Blog to bring you up to date on actions from the Parent Council Meeting on 14 March 2018.

  • We are updating our communications to parents and carers who have children working with the Support for Learning Team. The SfL Team work across the classes to support and challenge pupils. Teachers will be reminded that it is important that any changes throughout the year are communicated to Parents and Carers.
  • I shall work with the Management Team and Parent Council on clarifying our plans for cross class learning and class organisation. We shall share this with you when this review is complete.
  • Mr Donald Smith (PE Teacher) will replace Mr Ray and start after the Easter Holidays.
  • We shall work with the Parent Council to review our photographer for next session following concerns over quality. If you have any issues over quality, please contact the photographer directly.


Additional Information:

  • The Junior Road Safety Team will meet with Mr Wood (DHT) to update our School Travel Plan after the Easter Holidays. The team will update you on their progress throughout the term and ways for you to become involved.
  • Thank you to all who purchased books at our Book Fair. The School has been given £1500 of books from this, which will go into our school and class libraries.
  • World Book Day was missed due to the snow and the children have the opportunity to share their books and dress up on Thursday 29 March.
  • The markings on the front playground will be laid on Monday 26 March. This will be completed in sections to minimise disruption. We are all looking forward to seeing this section of our playground improvements complete.
  • I have just been told, we shall have ninety Primary One pupils next session. This will take the same format as this year with a Team Teacher in one of the classes (however, this is, as always, subject to change if our numbers change).
  • If you would like to discuss anything with one of the Depute Head Teachers please contact: P1 Ms Dobie; P2-P4 Ms Lamond; P5-P7: Mr Wood.


As always, if there is anything at all we can do to help, please just ask.

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle

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