Second Group of Skiers 2nd Feb 2018

This week we had brilliant sun and blue skies. There are no pics of this group of skiers this week as we were all too busy enjoying the weather and skiing!

All the children are progressing very well although the top group are needing to remember, just because they can ski, this  does not mean that they can’t improve their ski abilities. It always amazes me that every one thinks that going up to Hillend is a day of fun and playing around. As much as it is fun the whole point of us going is to achieve something. Getting that next grade is not going to happen if the children do not accept they have to work hard to get those techniques right. Some will probably find it incredibly tough that they will not make that grade  but this is all part of learning those life skills, sometimes you don’t get what you want, when you want it ! Skiing is not only about physical ability it is also about having the mental attitude to get by when the going gets tough and having to accept you might not have been good enough this time to make the grade,but you sure will be the next time round.



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