Second Group of Skiers 19th and 26th Jan 2018

On the second session  the children  were very lucky in having snow to ski on.   They enjoyed that better than the dry slope where the slope is unforgiving if you get it wrong.  Snow makes life a bit easier even if you don’t get that edge right on your skis. It was a great Friday morning.

On the 26th we were back to no snow.

One of the girls had a birthday on Friday  so when everyone was in the cafe we sung happy birthday to her and because a piece of cake was bought by her friends in the cafe  and a candle was produced, we were able to light that and she was able to blow it out and make a wish. She has very thoughtful friends.

I am also very proud to say that we are the best school in Edinburgh when it comes to behaviour in the cafe. ( I have been told that by the staff) All the children have to put their mess away in the bins and tidy up after themselves when they are finished in the cafe and that includes putting back chairs etc. It is a very good place to learn and practise how to behave and  be respectful of others, especially to  those that serve us.

On another note I am going to try and post some moving video’s of them next week so look out for that.

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