First Group Skiers 7th and 8th week

Our first group of skiers have now come to the end of their journey It has been an amazing 8 weeks with all non skiers now got their level 2 certificate. (in old levels this would have been a level 3)

All the children are now able to demonstrate persistence when facing a challenge and recognise a variety of emotions which gives them  the ability to manage them appropriately. They all worked to achieve and overcome many different obstacles to get a successful outcome – their certificate. They can also recognise and respond to both internal and external cues at the same time..for example following each other down the hill in a snake like fashion.

Finally the children show control over movement in personal and shared space which includes adapting to changes in speed, direction and level and shows good awareness of body parts and body positions when performing a range of different movements.

I am very proud of this group of children who have overcome many different and individual challenges which each child will have  personally faced to get to the end of this 8 week road. They have all made it and hope that they will continue on their own skiing journey through life.

I came, I saw, I conquered! Well done everyone! Our mascot Kevin got in on the act on the final day too.



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