Digital Etiquette

Digital etiquette: A parents’ point of view
As our children do more and more of their learning at school online and then bring some of this home as homework, I thought it might be useful to understand this from a parents’ point of view…here are some thoughts (this is not an exhaustive list!):
  • Get to know the activities/site/apps the school is using so you know what your children are up to
  • Make your own note of their usernames and passwords so you can do spot checks at any time.
  • Make it clear you have your own family values about screen time, this may not be in line with the school’s suggestions, set your own ground rules at home and stick to them.
  • Befriending – Sumdog is a closed, secure site (the school has more information on this); but befriending on that site won’t be the same for other sites – make sure your children know the difference between befriending within their own class of people they know and befriending random people online who they don’t know.
  • From your own experience, what other suggestions do you have that would be useful to share with other parents?
  • Please email suggestions to Mrs Borrowman.
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